Taurus Daily Horoscope – Taurus Astrology Today

 Taurus Today

17 May, 2021


Positive: You will move on to the next level with your partner today and that will be celebrated by all of your family members, you will experience a positive shift in your feelings, the world has never seemed this beautiful to you before and you will simply be high on life today. 

Negative: Your partner will confuse your confidence for ego and will be very upset with your behavior. You won’t calm down when having an argument either which will just escalate the situation pretty quickly.

Lucky Color: White

Lucky Number: 30

Love: Be soft spoken about how you have been feeling. You tend to be aggressive when it comes to your love life and end up ruining the situation. Take some time off your partner to think about your behavior and contemplate before you speak to anyone and you will have a great and fun day with your partner.

Business: Your business will be tricky and new deals that come today will be a tough nut to crack because you have been focusing on other people rather than being self sufficient and self reliant today which is important for you to change today itself and do all of the work yourself.

Health: You will be in great health today which will give you a lot of energy to focus on the other aspects of your life. Continue to take care of your health like you do and you will find yourself succeeding even more because your health favors your hectic schedules.