Taurus Daily Horoscope – Taurus Astrology Today

 Taurus Today

29 July, 2021


Positive: You will feel energized and agile throughout the day no matter how many obstacles you face, you will soar through today’s challenges very easily.

Negative: You will need to break out of dreamy life to make decisions and face the troubles of real life. Although it is nothing negative it will apparently feel like to you as your past few days have been extraordinarily good.

Lucky Colour: Yellow

Lucky Number: 15

Love: You will have a great time with your loved one today. You will get to know each other better today and it will bring you more closely to each other. You will see for the first time how your partner reacts when things don’t go their way, them being calm and composed in an unpleasant situation.

Business: It will be easy for you to receive a loan and to seek a experienced advice today. If you are starting a new innovation in your existing business, you can expect help to come by in the form of sponsors and technical aid.

Health:  Do not overwork your brain as it may cause headache and trouble with eyes. Being workaholic could also lead to permanent migraine.