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Scorpio Today


08 December, 2022


Positive: Ganesha says exciting, adventurous and fun defines how you will deal with your new project. Be open to your team’s ideas and don’t be afraid to take steps out of the norm. They will work out in your favor.

Negative: Everything has been going well and that will continue today as well. Nothing significantly bad will happen today. Hence enjoy and make the most of your day.

Lucky Colour: Brown

Lucky Number: 19

Love: You and your partner have makings of a great match that's rooted in true friendship, intellectual chemistry and fun. The key is to pace yourselves and to continuously bring new adventures to the table. Boredom will be your enemy and lead to unnecessary fights.

Business: It is not advisable to speculate your profits in online businesses or purchases. You must avoid such an easy money-making business. Instead, you can start a new business and try to succeed.

Health: You’re likely to be down with cold today. You need not seek professional help as your body will heal itself in 3-5days hence have patience and rely on home remedies.