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Scorpio Today


17 April, 2021


Positive: You might be discussing difficult topics with your partner today which will turn out to be very fruitful and productive for as you will be at a whole new level of trust and understanding with each other. You will also come to the realization that you and your partner are very alike hence making you both very compatible.  

Negative: Your business will suffer a minor loss today. It won’t be hard to compensate at all, you simply need to look at what you did wrong and improve your skill set, nothing major to worry about but if you let it get to your heart it might cause you to spend the entire day sulking and not getting anything done. 

Lucky Color: Olive

Lucky Number: 23

Love: Your love life is doing okay. Trying to hurry up things will not work out. Take

Ample amount of time to know each other first. Your significant other will support you immensely today. Your day Will go a lot better because of them today.

Business: New opportunities will arise today. Be cautious about them. Only take risks if they are well calculated and strategized. New opportunities will come to you but in a very unconventional and hidden manner. Be aware yet open-minded, with the new opportunities you receive today.

Health: Your health will bother you today and force you to take rest. Learn to listen to your body’s signs. Overworking will cause you physical and financial loss in the future. You can choose to stay physically active. Self care is important for you.