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Libra Today


20 June, 2021


Positive: If you start off confused today, use meditation to hit the restart button and you’ll get right to the heart of a problem. Things will get better as the day goes on, and your confidence will soar.

Negative: You will be slightly disappointed by your family’s lack of appreciation for what you for them. You will want some time away from yourself to get over the negative behaviors of your family members.

Lucky Color: Yellow

Lucky Number: 17

Love: You won’t have much time for your loved ones, but you will receive their love and support regardless. They will put in their work and they will try their level best and will indeed be very helpful to you today.

Business: New opportunities will knock on your door today, be open-minded about them, they can really work in your favor soon. Try to worship lord Shiva for more success in your business and hence more monitory gains.

Health: Your stomach might remain a little upset today. You can help yourself by A diet focusing on hydrating and nourishing your body will help you balance internally.