Gemini Daily Horoscope – Gemini Astrology Today


Gemini Today


21 January, 2022


Positive: Quite a positive and cheerful day for you today. You will spend the day feeling content and grateful. Things where you were stuck at before will start clearing up. Your mental health is doing well, and you will be in a good mood throughout the day.  

Negative: You might end up overthinking a lot today. Allow yourself time to process today’s events. Some solace will do you good today, as you have been ignoring your feelings and staying busy. You will face quite a lot of obstacles today that will take most of your time and energy.

Lucky Colour: Indigo

Lucky Number: 26

Love: You are most likely to be overthinking about your relationship today. You will hesitate in taking the step with your partner today, and seal your fate with them. You will learn a lot of new things about your partner’s past, which will make you have second thoughts even more. 

Business: You should not lose your temper today as you need to focus on work, do not get carried away by their actions and words. They will try to make you really angry, don’t fall for provocations, and be consistent with your work.

Health: Your health will slightly bother you today, your habits of eating junk food might give you stomach ache today. Eat food at regular durations and avoid eating anything spicy. Try to meditate as much as possible and stay away from conflicts as much as you can.