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Capricorn Today


17 April, 2021 


Positive: New opportunities for career growth will open up today. Your business will require more employees and more dedication which is a good thing as it means that your business is growing to new heights.

Negative: Negative energies are mild for you today. This is your day and you need to be down to earth about it. You will have to be empathetic and sensible to handle matters and not lose your cool. That is the only advice for you today. 

Lucky Color: Grey

Lucky Number: 6

Love: Prepare to change things up for the better when it comes to your love life today. If you’re coupled up, caring may have shifted to feeling a little confined and you both will respect each other’s space and time separate from each other. 

Business: Be very careful with the decisions you take. You will be successful in a lot of high end work. However to be successful in taking major decisions in business, it's important that you are extremely vigilant.

Health: You might experience minor back pain today, although it is infrequent, it is a sign for you to work on improving your nutritional intake and strength. You can start with doing back strengthening as well as cardiovascular exercises like swimming and cycling to improve your health.