Cancer Daily Horoscope – Cancer Astrology Today


Cancer Today


29 July, 2021


Positive: A very good day for you today as you go through life triumphantly. Your personality is the positive highlight in anyone’s life that comes across you today. You need to focus on making the most of today as the ball is in your court today.

Negative: Negative energies are not existent for your sign today. Nothing significantly bad will happen except for you being overwhelmed with all the things that are happening all at once today.

Lucky Colour: Blue

Lucky Number: 11

Love: You will need to be very careful regarding interpersonal relationships especially your marriage. Someone in your family itself is trying to break your relationship.

Business: A small number of employees might go against you and try to get the rest of your staff on board. Stay calm and appeal to the reason as you need to be able to ensure this molehill doesn't become a mountain.

Health: You are likely to be overworked and stressed out for most part of the year. Daily schedule of your life is likely to get upset and you may work late in the nights which will have an adverse effect on your general health and vitality.