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Yearly Horoscope (FOR THE YEAR 2021)

  • Ganesh says, the New Year will flourish love and health in the sign of Aries. The entry of Mars in your zodiac just in the starting of the year will activate your lagna bringing you fortune. Luck will prevail on the side of children this year and September will be the best month to appear for competitive exams. Family will see a very good time from April to September. You will see yourself involving in spiritual rituals and charity. Elderly people may feel a little unhealthy this year due to transition of Saturn in the tenth house but it will gradually improve by the end of the year.

    Arians may experience financial instability in the first quarter of the 2021. Last two months will be fortunate to make long term investments. Saturn will remain in combusted state in your zodiac. People looking for a job may find it difficult to find it in the first quarter which will be balanced gradually by Saturn and Uranus. Businessman can expect increased inflow of money also from the other source. 2021 will surely take Arians to heights in terms of career.

    There are high chances of lovebirds getting married this year as New Moon enters the Aries. This year you may find yourself struggling for peace but you will be blessed with strength. Disputes and uneasiness will weigh you down in June but October will provide you with self-development.

    Jupiter will bless you with luck all throughout the year. It is advisable to leave the habit of being negligent this year.

    You are protected from any Sade Saati this year.

    Strongest love match for Arians will be Sagittarius.

  • You are going to have a considerable year ahead and will continue your process of altering. Saturn may burden you with heavy roles but Jupiter will bring little appreciations and recognition.

    You have been waiting to get support from your family and this year will surely bring you that. You will follow a regulated routine and controlled lifestyle this year.

    Venus is in your support when it comes to married life. By the middle of the year you may fall into a trap of misunderstandings but beware of using mean words, things will gradually improve within a month. 3rd and 4th month will bring unmarried couple closer but being stubborn can harm your relationship. 

    Taurus natives will face quite difficulty having a calm and composed next year. The mental health is likely to affect but you will be blessed with positive energy soon. Also, take counselling and prefer regular health check-up as Saturn is likely to bring you down.

    Though there will be little monetary strain in the first five months, you will have financial gains this year but it won’t be a good year to spend on luxury. It would be a very good year to invest in fixed deposits. In terms of career, Taurus natives will be burdened with work this year leading to frustration but there are chances of appraisal in the month fourth month.

    If you are student planning on giving entrance exams for abroad Universities, well this is your year. First half will bring you positive approaches for education.

    October will be the best month for you but you need to stay warned in July. Overall, you are blessed by Ganesha.

  • 2021 will be an amazing and opportunistic year in terms of career as it will be supported by Jupiter’s presence in Gemini. It is advisable to be warned while trading with government officials. Try to control your temper while working with superiors. You will find ways to earn from sources other than your business.

    Other half of the year will bring you prosperity and wealth. Financial stability will waver but the past deals carried out in the previous year will come to your rescue.

    You will grow healthier mentally and physically both but it is advisable to beware of unexpected injuries around June and July. Ketu will enter the sixth house during this period and hence students will benefit from achievements and selections in the sports field.

    Marriage is not on your list yet but Geminis will surely make some significant relationships. This is the period where Geminis will find friends for life. People who are already married will have a romantic year. This period will surely bring you closer to your acquaintances and the wounds of family will be healed slowly 

    2021 has a lot in its basket for Geminis as you will surely lead a good and balanced lifestyle.

  • Ganesha says you will be nudged in the right direction this year and the generosity you have extended to people will be returned this year.

    April to September will be little bit stressful for your family. You may solve your relationship issues with egoistic approach leading to heated arguments but by the end of the year, things will calm down. First three months will be best to develop new relationships and tie knots but avoid getting married in June and July. Overall, this year has mixed results for love affairs.

    Finances will be on your side in the starting of the year but you may struggle a little bit later. Avoid lending money during this period. You will surely stick to the budget you made. The year has a jackpot as you will gain property or receive monetary gains by legacy.


    You will sail in pink pot of health according to your zodiac. Mars in your zodiac will protect you from communicative diseases and bless you with energy still it is advisable that you don’t push yourself too hard. 

    Education can be said the matter of concern in this period as you may have very good insights but the luck will be little hard for students. Neptune will make you creative butterfly this year and Uranus will bless you with connections you can call peers. By the time December comes, you would have witnessed the best version of yourself. Taurus will stand as most compatible for your zodiac. Make the best out of what’s coming.

  • Ganesha says the upcoming year will be a little bit rough as an effect of Rahu and Ketu’s transition in the Taurus and Scorpio but at the end it will all be worth it.

    Till April, your family and relatives will give you some hard times. Your relationship with your brother and spouse may need little more attention. It is advisable to stay away from unnecessary squabbles.  Some positive changes will surely come after the fifth month.

    This is very auspicious period for the people thriving for knowledge. The last third month will bring in great results. August would be to best time to go abroad for higher studied.

    In the aspect of health, take care about your torso and joint pains. You may experience dizziness and normal sickness during the middle of the year but will cure soon.

    In the terms of finance, you will see instability. You may have more travel expenses on list than the income in the second quarter of the period. Due to some unfriendly transitions of planet it is advisable to stay warned from illegal tunnels to bring in money.

    Love is surely going to restore in the lives of Leo natives. Jupiter is in your support pouring some real connections in your life and eliminating shallow bonds.

    October will be the best time for you as it will give you fruitful much-awaited results. Overall, you will be required to stay patient and project yourself with hopes in the coming year.

  • Ganesha says the beginning will be very exquisite but you might feel a bit pressurised in February but don’t fear March and April will be a fresh start for you.

    You might have been careful in the months of May and June cause that will be quite dangerous.

    July month again will be stressful and exhausting but you might not lose your confidence because the next months will be flushed with a lot of opportunities.

    In this you will be stuffed with enormous amount of self-confidence and simultaneously you will have to work very hard.

    Planet Uranus will help you to construct relationship with such people you will be entirely opposite from you. You will make contacts with strangers when you will be travelling. You might soon see the sign is real love in the months of July and August.

    As said earlier that many opportunities will touch your feet but you should not neglect your other plans because even that are very vital.

    Overall, this year will be nice for you.

  • Lord Vishnu is blessing Libra this year. This year will bring you satisfaction you have always wanted in your career. Beginning of the year may not be as good as you thought but the other half will bring you desired results and push you closer to your goals that you have made in the last year.

    There can be a little bit of disharmony in your life. But as the fourth month will set, situations will take positive turns which will heal your wounds.


    Libra, you are luckiest in terms of love in 2021. April to August will is the time you may meet your soul mate. Finances are paving their way toward you this year. You still need to take care about the unnecessary expenditures. The investments you have been thinking to make since long time will be made with great deals.

    You may feel a little restless due to the period of Saturn called Kantak Shani but praying Vishnu will protect you from other adverse effects.

    Uranus and Taurus will give you creative insight about your undone task.

    Libra natives will also experience what they have been wanting since long. This New Year, your ascendant will have a very significant impact on your life.

  • Ganesha says this year will be very powerful. You will see that there is a lot of load on you in the months of January but when you will enter February things will start setting around.

    In July you will feel switching jobs and you will start getting offers in the middle is the May and at the ending of July.

    August and September will be tremendous and will be very joyful.

    The upcoming months will be the time when you can find the love of your life and your family might be very happy this year.

    Upcoming year you will be bold, persuasive and away from all kind of traps.

    You might get some though opponents and if you want to beat them up you will have to work hard. You also will have to safeguard your achievements.

    A part of you will be bound to your friends. However, your connections will be strengthened with your entire family and especially with brothers and sisters.

    You will also experience a unique bond with your children and friends.

    You will have to try to sort out your issues with stable and cool mind that will help you to move forward in your life and even assist you at your workplace.

    Your pockets will be filled this year and you will have love and money touching your feet together.

    This year you can definitely buy a house or make some huge investments.

    The planets are placed at correct positions and you will be very determined and brave the upcoming year. After the half year is completed you will have good vibes.

    So, I can say that upcoming year will pass with joy and lot of love.

  • Saturn and Jupiter are bringing glory to this zodiac. 2021 is definitely your year Sagittarians.

    In the terms of career, you are surely going to attract attentions of your subordinates and partners. Your much-awaited appraisal is next in the line. Due to Jupiter’s transition in your zodiac, do not investment much of your wealth in one project but on the other side of your coin, all your competitors have been pushed down which will bring you upwards.

    Coming to the finance, this is the auspicious year to bring luxurious items to your home. Your business is expecting expansion and your dealings with the new marketers will bring you loyalty and money both still it is advisable to stay away from legal matters.

    Education is showing progress in this zodiac house.

    There will be little bit of changes in the daily routine and communication of family but you don’t worry about it as it is for the better.

    Saturn will make more organised and responsible.

  • Lord Hanuman is bringing you intellectual to fight the disputes you have been worried since long.

    Rahu is in support of students as their obstacles will be solved. The starting of the month will provide you resources to feel relaxed and charming. There are chances of mental instability and stress. Pay attention while handing sharp things in August and September.

    Financial situation will be in upward graphs during the year but you must avoid lending during the month of August. You can buy luxuries but also focus on savings. Love life is scoring good marks in 2021. The unresolved issues on marriage will be solved under the counsel of the family. Upcoming year will be promising to plan a child.

    In terms of work, atmosphere may look tensed and not turn out to be as expected but middle of the year may be of somewhat relief. Be careful while getting involved with higher authorities. The changes this year will bring you will the betterment. This period will also make you spiritual and religious. You have to be careful about making big decisions but overall, your life is expecting motivation and growth.

    July will be the best month, but overall, this year is bringing you glory and guidance.

  • Jupiter is blessing you with abundance amount of opportunities all throughout the year. The things causing inconveniences will be crossed out of your life this year. During this period, stay relaxed and oriented as much as possible. This year is bringing you strength, spirit and lessons.

    Glad to say that this year will pass nicely for you. Huge amount of exuberance will fill this year for you but at the same time any work you do will demand a lot amount of hard work but eventually your work will be completed.

    Your business life and your martial life will be usual. But your bond with your children and your life partner will be good in this year. As said, that man is his own true friend and so that you should follow the same thing.

    In 2021 you there are possibility is that you might visit many different cities because of your work and you will also have many trips and in this trip, you will have to take care of yourself. Before the festival of Holi, you might get affected with some diseases so you will have to take serious care.

    There will be benefit for the people who are working but it will be usual for those people who are finding a job.

  • Ganesha says the results will be mixed for Pisces which include love, marriage, family, business, job, finance and much more.

    2021 will be very good with career. You will have work smartly and to do hard work.

    Your family life will be enhanced. Apart from that you can make smart investments in property and can buy a house.

    Your spouse will get sweeten more in this upcoming year. Your martial life will be really nice particularly in the months of January and in the ending months. There might be some disagreements but you can resolve it with communications.

    You can also marry between the time of January and April due to aspect of Jupiter.

    Health in year 2021 will be good but that doesn’t mean that you will become completely careless because if you don’t be concern about your health life you might face some problems like obesity.

    Your career life is really nice but you need to maintain good relation with your higher authorities at your workplace.


    The Saturn will create hardships in terms of education. In the starting moths you will face a lot of issue but gradually everything will settle-down and at the end of the year students are likely to get sufficient results but hard work will be very necessary. Your siblings’ attitude towards you will also improve this year.


    This year will be nice and you should take some extra care.