[ { "@type":"Birthday Horoscope", "pubDate":"2021-04-19 to 2021-04-25", "link":"https://bejandaruwalla.com/pages/your-birthday-astrology", "content":[ { "date":"19 April, 2021", "description":"You will have a great day today. Everything will work out perfectly fine for you and you will go through an amazing positive shift mentally and physically today. Your day is filled with happiness, joy and celebrations today. You might want to stay alone at some point today out of exhaustion which won’t be possible because you will be surrounded by people today." }, { "date":"20 April, 2021", "description":"You will notice absence of some people in your life today that you really expected to be present for your special day. This might keep you upset throughout the day if you let it, but you need to look at the positive side of things and focus on the fact that there are people who really care about you and love you. Although you will receive a few surprises today, you are likely to be a little upset today." }, { "date":"21 April, 2021", "description":"A great day for you to work on your skills and improve your self discipline. You have been lazy since a lot of time now and today you could decide to follow a regime and have new resolutions to achieve this year as the planetary motions turn out to be in your favour, you need to focus on being your best today, behaviour wise as well as at work." }, { "date":"22 April, 2021", "description":"You might spend the day worrying about a loved ones health today as anxiety seems to be on the rise for you. Eventhough you won’t celebrate you will be happy that everyone considered and listened to you and did not bother you today. You will feel like you are able to be at peace eventhough you are worried about your loved one. Everything will turn out fine by the end of the day hence rest assured." }, { "date":"23 April,2021", "description":"A beautiful beginning to the day will set a very happy mood which will last throughout the day for you. You will go through a very loving day today because all you will receive today is love, gifts surprises and a lot of your favourite food. Satisfaction is what defines your day today, you might feel sad and lonely towards the end of the day because nothing can match the amount of fun you have had today. Try to be optimistic and daydream about the memories you have created today." }, { "date":"24 April, 2021", "description":"You will have an okay day today. You were expecting grand surprises and celebrations which won’t happen today and might disappoint you, but if you keep your expectations aside you will have a very fun day today celebrating with your close friends and your family. You might have to work today as well but it won’t be a problem for you as you won’t face any obstacles in anything that you do today." }, { "date":"25 April, 2021", "description":"If you’re in a relationship you’re very likely to elope with your partner today leaving everyone confused and upset with you, but you won’t care as you will be very deeply in love today and all you will care about today is spending time with your partner. You need to focus on giving yourself enough importance get some time alone for yourself as well." } ] } ]