[ { "@type":"Birthday Horoscope", "pubDate":"2022-11-28 to 2022-12-04", "link":"https://bejandaruwalla.com/pages/your-birthday-astrology", "content":[ { "date":"28 November, 2022", "description":"Ganesha says you are able to achieve a high degree of perfection in anything you do, which earns you respect and attention from those around you, but you need to learn to curb your predisposition to act occasionally spendthrift, envious, and reckless. Today you're likely to be very risk-taking and daring, but you should avoid making any rash investment decisions since otherwise losses are guaranteed. Your health needs some attention, and legal and tax issues would be problematic." }, { "date":"29 November, 2022", "description":"Ganesha says for those who are willing to take financial and business risks, today can be very beneficial. Take extra care with your jewellery and other pricey possessions. For working and professional women, this year will be very important because they will succeed in their respective fields. Stock and real estate speculation will produce lucrative returns. A new romance will be intriguing but fleeting. There are opportunities for some students who want to pursue higher education abroad. Travelling or making a pilgrimage will bring comfort and peace." }, { "date":"30 November, 2022", "description":"Ganesha says success in all you accomplish today will keep you happy. You will receive attractive returns on previous investments, and long-pending legal problems will be resolved in your favor. An unexpected financial and in-kind donation from family and friends throughout the time. There may be some small health issues as a result of stress and strain. You will become more spiritually connected in the second half of the year, and this will have a profound impact on how you think and behave." }, { "date":"01 December, 2022", "description":"Ganesha says despite the fact that you may not be an artist, you enjoy collecting items with artistic value. You are exceptionally perceptive and intelligent, but you need to work on your tendency to act timid and lazy at times. The highlight of the upcoming year will be starting new jobs and assignments. Long-term returns on property investments will be favorable. Your relationships with people of the opposite sex will grow stronger, giving your life a new and interesting direction." }, { "date":"02 December, 2022", "description":"Ganesha says this day looks to be very prosperous financially. Your confidence and morale will rise as a new contract or partnership forms. It is advised to invest in stocks and real estate. You'll experience a religious urge later in the year, leading you to make a pilgrimage. Preventive medication is required for chronic patients. Drive cautiously, especially at night. Trade and export-related business people stand to gain. This time period will be particularly exciting, adventurous, and full of opportunities for students." }, { "date":"03 December, 2022", "description":"Ganesha says although you enjoy reading and the arts, and you like to hang out with smart, like-minded people, you need to learn to control your tendency to become obstinate and envious at times. Rewarding and recognizing times are now. For some, a new relationship is most likely. More focus would undoubtedly be needed on health. Real estate or speculative gains that weren't anticipated could still happen. While your spouse will require more of your attention, children might make you feel unsatisfied." }, { "date":"04 December, 2022", "description":"Ganesha says for those with creative jobs and for professionals, this day will prove to be significant. Finances will significantly improve. Some of you may receive promotions or transfers to locations of you’re choosing. A few journeys are probably going to happen, bringing with them the possibility of financial gain and the chance to interact with influential and important people. The academic and athletic performance of the students will be outstanding. Real estate-related issues will develop. The house may need to be renovated, made more beautiful, or expensive items purchased." } ] } ]