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Aries Daily Horoscope – Aries Astrology Today


Aries Today


01 June, 2023


Positive:  Ganesha says, today your aims and aspirations may get new wings. Your dreams may start to take shape now. You are likely to bring positive changes in your lifestyle, which may fill you with a positive sense of energy. You may plan to travel to a tourist destination with your friends soon.

Negative: Do not undertake too many activities at once or you may not be able to complete them promptly. Try to control your emotions today. Try to have a look at your expenses, as it is increasing gradually.

Lucky Colour:  Navy blue

Lucky Number: 2

Love: On the relationship front, you need to be careful of your words as they might be misinterpreted. These may create a rift in your harmonious relationship. Try to give more time to your partner to understand and strengthen your ties.

Business: At the office, you may have a good day. You may receive the support of your seniors but you also need to maintain your distance. Stay alert and focused on your task today. Work sincerely but do not overburden yourself.

Health: Your health will be good today, but you'll have to keep attention to your health today. Stomach issues are likely to return, which may trouble you today. Eating healthy and adding more fibers to your diet may work wonders. Light exercise and yoga may help you to stay fit.