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Aquarius Today


21 April, 2021


Positive: You will come across few people about whom you will instantly have very good intuitions. You are most like to spend today with new people only and you will have fun doing that. Today is full of making new connections for you. 

Negative: You will experience some trouble in your work which will have you seeking help from your friends and family. Seeking help from anyone has always come hard to you and today won’t be different, but once you do seek help everything will be great. 

 Lucky Colour: Grey

Lucky Number: 17

Love: You will tend to focus more on your work today, hence your love life will be in the back seat. Lack of support might disappoint you a little bit. Try to have patience and understanding. If you cannot be kind and soft-spoken as anger dominates your manners, muster up your will, and chose to not communicate, it might save your relationship.

Business: Your quality of work will significantly improve as you have invested a lot of time in learning new things. You have been juggling between studying and business for quite a while now and it will pay off. Your focus on your goal as well as your patience is very commendable. 

Health: Your body is healing very well. It might seem like you still have minor issues and it will take time for your health to get better. Make it a point to meditate every day and talk to your loved ones when you feel like you’re slipping and you have desires to go back to your old habits. Seek professional help if you can.