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Color Vastu: Vastu Tips For Color

Color Vastu: Vastu Tips For Color

This article aims to explore the relationship between colors and emotions. Depending on the color and its usage in your home, different emotions can be evoked. It is crucial to comprehend the psychological and physiological effects that colors can have on an individual. Therefore, this article will elucidate how colors impact emotions and can influence one's life.

Vastu Tips For Color

  • Off-white and light cream colors are the best options when there is confusion while choosing a color for a specific area. They are considered neutral colors and do not have any negative effects on the occupants.

  • Make sure to paint the entire ceiling of your house white color.

  • It is important to always choose lighter and more soothing shades of colors for the walls and ceilings of your house.

  • Avoid excessive use of any single color within the 16 zones.

  • It is advisable to avoid using darker shades of red and black even in their respective Vastu zones.

The Significance Of Colors

When we internalize colors, our subconscious mind elicits a response associated with each color. Therefore, let us comprehend the meaning of each color and its effects.


Associations - Sunshine, joy, wisdom, desire, enthusiasm, and success. It is a color that combines the high-energy color red with the happiness of yellow.

Effects - Increases mental activity, optimism, and creativity. Being around the color red will cause your heart to beat a little faster. Consequently, it is advisable not to excessively use this color within the house.


Associations - Coolness, trust, spirituality, peace, and idealism. Blue color represents logic and intelligence.

Effects - The color blue aids in the production of chemicals that have a calming effect on the body. Additionally, it helps improve concentration and productivity levels.


Associations - Happiness, laughter, good times, optimism, honor, and hope. It is a color that represents the mind and intellect, but it is also associated with fear and cowardice. Furthermore, it is an attention-getting color.

Effects - The color yellow makes you feel optimistic as the brain releases more serotonin (a feel-good chemical in the brain) when you are around it. It also provides mental clarity. However, overusing yellow can be disturbing. 


Associations - Growth, life, health, harmony, compassion, fertility, and freshness. It is a color that represents nature. Additionally, the color green is associated with prosperity, wealth, and safety.

Effects - The color green is believed to have a calming effect and slows down our metabolism. Furthermore, the color green has great healing power.


Associations - Love, vulnerability, passiveness, youth, femininity, innocence, and joyfulness. The concept is associated with notions of unconditional love and playfulness. However, it is also associated with physical weakness and immaturity.

Effects - The color pink calms your mind and is very helpful in reducing violent behavior in someone. Additionally, it calms the blood pressure and heart rate. It also creates a harmonious and romantic atmosphere in your bedroom.


Associations - Dignity, wealth, royalty, power, luxury, sophistication, arrogance, and mystery. Lighter shades of purple represent romance and delicacy, while darker shades of purple are associated with fear and sorrow.

Effects - The color purple stimulates brain activity, which aids in problem-solving. Additionally, as it is considered the color of imagination, it increases creativity.


Associations - Purity, cleanliness, innocence, goodness, light, and simplicity. The color white is also associated with perfection. However, there are also some negative associations with the color white, such as emptiness and isolation.

Effects - The color white gives you a sense of peace and hope, and creates a sense of order and professionalism. It is immensely helpful in the inner cleansing and purification of your emotions.


Associations - Cool, elegant, balanced, conservative, and neutral. Grey is a diplomatic color that is considered to be the color of intellect and compromise. 

Effects - The color grey creates a sense of calm and composure, but it does not energize, rejuvenate, or excite. However, too much grey, particularly a dark grey shade, can make you feel depressed and sad.


Association - Power, elegance, formality, mystery, and fear. It is also associated with negative emotions such as gloom and emptiness.

Effects - The color black is known to evoke strong emotions.


Colors can evoke different emotions in your mind, and your working efficiency may be affected by the combination of color and direction of your workspace. If there is an imbalance between the color of a particular space and its location, it may cause disconcerting, distracting, and flickering effects. If you want to know more about Color Vastu, then Astrology Phone Consultation will help you.

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