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Vastu For Study Room:  Best Vastu Tips For Study Room

Vastu For Study Room: Best Vastu Tips For Study Room

Every parent is always worried about the education of their children. They keep trying in all kinds of ways to make the child the best. So that their child can be successful in life by getting a good education. However, many parents often complain that their child is not interested in studies. They tend to study at home and are unable to concentrate on their studies. If your child is not interested in studies, then according to Vastu Shastra, it could also be due to Vastu's defects in the study room. According to Vastu, if there is any Vastu defect related to studies in the study room, the child's mind is not able to concentrate, due to which he is not able to perform well.



Vastu Tips For Study Room


  • Vastu Shastra recommends a rectangular or square study table. You might be tempted to buy an irregularly shaped designer study table. Such tables may look unique and attractive but do not emit good energy. Thus, it is suggested to strictly avoid them.

  • It is best if there is a window in the study room facing east-north. It is best if the ceiling of this room is in the shape of a pyramid. The studies done in such a room are remembered for a long time. A small pyramid can also be kept on the children's study table.

  • According to Vastu, where there is a study room in the house, its direction should be in the southwest. Apart from this, the grace of the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter is always received if the study room is in the east-north direction.

  • The size of the table in the study room should be square and rectangular. Due to this, the mind of the students is engaged in their studies.

  • Keep the computer on the table in the southeast direction.

  • One should not read or sleep while sitting under a beam or couch, otherwise, mental tension arises and the mind will not be engaged in studies.

  • If the rays of the sun enter the study room in the morning, then the windows and doors should be kept open in the morning, so that the positive energy of the morning sun can be taken advantage of.

  • If you use a table lamp while studying, keep it in the southeast of the table.

  • If there is a study room in the west direction of the house, the children should study facing the east direction. By doing this, the child can get good marks in the exam by memorizing more things in less time during the exam days.

  • Children studying should always sleep with their heads toward the south or west. Sleeping with the head toward the South gives health benefits and sleeping with the head toward the West will increase the desire to study day by day.

  • West direction is also a favorable direction for keeping books or other things.

  • Place a picture of Maa Saraswati in the study room and before studying in front of her, pray with folded hands for wisdom and strength. Along with this, chant Om Ai Hi Saraswatyai Namah in the morning.

  • Keep books or other study materials in the south direction.

  • Study tables in dark colors are recommended to be avoided as they are said to block energy, reduce productivity levels and create stress. Light-colored tables like white, cream, and yellow are considered ideal as they attract positive energy and increase the power to concentrate.




A study room designed according to Vastu Shastra helps in strengthening the concentration of your child. If you have children studying in your house or you use a room as a study room for yourself, then decorate it according to Vastu. An ideally made study room in the house as per Vastu Shastra gives the much-needed impetus to the students to do well academically. Indian science has given solutions to every aspect of our life. A lot of focus is needed to concentrate on studies and make a career. Fixing a special place for this, keeping furniture according to Vastu, and coloring the walls can play an important role in concentrating our minds. If you want to know more about Best Vastu Tips For Study Room, then Online Astrology Consultations will help you.

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