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Vastu For Stairs: Best Vastu Tips For Stairs

Vastu For Stairs: Best Vastu Tips For Stairs

Stairs help in reaching easily from one floor of the house to the other. Stairs are given a lot of importance in Vastu Shastra. It is believed that if the stairs are not Vastu compliant then it increases the risk of accidents, loss of money in the house, or mental stress. If the same stairs are made according to the rules of Vastu, then the people living in the house remain healthy and happiness and prosperity reside in the house. In such a situation, you need to know about the Vastu related to the stairs.



Vastu Tips For Stairs


  • According to Vastu, the best place to make stairs in the house is the southwest corner. If due for some reason this place is not available, then the south or west side is appropriate for making stairs.

  • If the stairs are made towards the South-East, then keep their face towards the East, South-West stairs should face towards the West, North-West stairs should face North, and South-West stairs should face South.

  • While going up the stairs, it is good to go in the west or south direction. On the other hand, coming down the stairs, the direction of east and north is considered good.

  • Try to make the stairs clockwise.

  • As far as possible, consider using the area under the stairs as a store room.

  • It would be good if the number of stairs is odd.

  • If the stairs are broken, then get them repaired, otherwise, it increases the possibility of accidents or tension in the family.



Vastu for Stair Positioning 

According to Vastu for stairs inside the house, all the stairs should be on the side of the house. Stairs placed centrally or in a place where they are in full view of guests can tax a home and drain its positive energy. By keeping the stairs aside, you are letting the good vibes flow without any hindrance.

Light Colors are Good For Staircases According to Vastu 

Ideally, the stairs should be painted in light and pastel colors. You can opt for soft tones like beige, off-white, pastel pink, yellow or blue tint to bring positive vibes to the house. According to Vastu for stairs in a north-facing house or east, south, or west, colors like black and red should be avoided as they induce negativity. If you want to have wallpaper next to a staircase, make sure it's in a light and soft shade.

Stay Away From Brahmasthan According to Vastu for Stairs 

Brahmasthan is the most sacred part of your home, like your temple. Often this Brahmasthan is constructed in the center of the house so that it keeps on taking out positive energy and sending it in all directions. As per Vastu, this holy part should be constructed away from the stairs to ensure good vibes. It is recommended to keep all structures at least 1.5 meters away from Brahmasthan.

Vastu for Staircase Outside the House 

When it comes to external staircases, ie those built outside the house, it becomes important to decide the location as per Vastu. The ideal direction for the exterior staircase under Vastu is South-East for an East facing house. According to Vastu for the staircase in a west-facing house or south-facing house, the outer staircase should be in the southwest. And it should be in North-West for North facing house.

Vastu Tips for Nearby Doors for Staircases 

As per Vastu guidelines, the door should be constructed at the beginning or end of the staircase. This will assure a good flow of positive energy throughout the house. Also, take note that the stairs do not connect with the eastern or northern walls of the house.


If you are building a new house or buying a pre-fabricated house, keep in mind Vastu for staircase principles, especially when it comes to design and direction. Placing a staircase in Vastu has a big impact on the energy and positivity of the house. You can also take help from Online Astrology Consultations.

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