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Vastu For Shop: Best Vastu Tips For Shop

Vastu For Shop: Best Vastu Tips For Shop

Shops that are designed according to the principles of Vastu Shastra will experience success and prosperity. Vastu has specific suggestions for the layout, entrance, exterior, and interiors of a shop so that the business attracts more customers and profits, and ensures peace of mind for the owners. Here are some tips for a shop as per Vastu.



Vastu Tips For Shop


  • According to Vastu for the shop, keep electronics in the southeast corner to increase sales.

  • According to Vastu the signboard of the shop should be well-painted, fixed properly, and should be free from dust. It should not be torn or hung loose. It should be legible and well-published.

  • There should be no noise at the main door of the shop. The doors of the shop should all open inward. This will help in maintaining good energy within the shop.

  • North West direction is best for placing publicity display boards, banners, and announcements.

  • Electricity meters and air conditioners should be in the southeast direction.

  • Always have ample lighting in the shop that is warm and inviting. There should not be dark corners as it is considered negative.

  • The loft, mezzanine, or attic should be built in the south or west wall and not in the north or east wall.

  • Keeping plants outside the shop in the east or north direction is considered auspicious.

  • The northeast corner should be clutter-free. One can keep a fountain in this corner. Keep an aquarium with nine goldfish and one blackfish in the northeast for good luck.

  • According to Vastu, the salesman should face east or north and the customer should face west or south.

  • The bathroom should be in the northwest or west of the shop.

  • The center (Brahmasthan) of the shop should be free from any obstruction.

  • In the jewelry shop, the jewelry vault should be placed along the south or west wall in such a way that it opens in the north or east direction.

  • For customers in a boutique or jewelry shop, the sofa should be in the north or east direction. The trial room in the garment shop should be in the west direction of the shop.

  • Avoid granite flooring and opt for marble or wood flooring.

  • Soothing soft music can be played in the background as it helps customers relax while shopping.


Vastu Tips for Shop Size


According to Vastu Shastra, the perfect shape for a shop is square or rectangular. The length of a shop should be less than two to two and a half times its width, that is, the length of a shop with a width of 20 feet can be up to 50 feet. The irregular shape is good if extended to the northeast or southwest corners.


Vastu for Shop Entrance


As per Vastu Shastra for the shop, the entrance door should be in the East, North, or North East direction. It attracts more customers. The entrance must be open, and not blocked by poles, trees, or merchandise stands. There should not be any open drain in front of the shop. The main entrance should not have a threshold (unlike in houses, where it is a must). This can prevent positive energy from entering the shop.


Vastu for Cash Counter in the Shop


Cash counters as per Vastu for shops suggest that the cash box should be placed in the North or South-West direction. If the cash counter is placed in the southwest direction, then the entrance of the shops should be in the north direction. Never leave the cash box empty; Always keep some loose coins or currency notes in it. Keep the cash box in such a direction that it is not visible from the washroom, storeroom, main gate, or staircase.


Vastu Guidance for Counters in the Shop


Vastu says that the shop counter should be square, rectangular or angular. A circular counter leads to a loss of money. For prosperity, the counter should be placed in the southeast or southwest direction. Always keep the counter of your shop clean and tidy.


Vastu for Colors in a Shop


Ideally, stores should be painted in soothing, light colors. Keep the ceiling a lighter shade than the walls. Brown, black or dark blue color is considered inauspicious. Avoid these altogether in a store. Opt for white, off-white, or silver-white in the North, East, and North-East South-West directions. These help in maintaining financial stability. The walls in the south direction should be painted with light red or brown color. Green shades can be used on the southwest walls.




Vastu Shastra not only makes our life convenient by arranging a house or house but if we plan our shop or workplace also according to Vastu, then a lot of progress can be achieved in business as well. There are many such measures in Vastu Shastra, if we use them in our shop or workplace, then we can earn profit in business. Want to know more about Vastu For Shop, then Online Astrology Consultations will help you.

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