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Vastu For Pooja Room:  Best Vastu Tips For Pooja Room

Vastu For Pooja Room: Best Vastu Tips For Pooja Room

Your puja room should not only be sacred but also have a positive atmosphere so that you can enter into a meditative state. According to Vastu Shastra the Puja room is important in creating and spreading positivity throughout your home. However, few people are well-versed in the Vastu concepts. Here are some tips for creating a Pooja Room according to the principles of Vastu.



Vastu Tips For Pooja Room


  • The Vastu-compliant location of the Puja room is important in defining its auspicious aura. North-East is the best direction, followed by East and North. If you are building a new house and are mindful of where your Puja room is located, we strongly recommend you avoid the basement and upper floors. It is best to build your temple at ground level.

  • The ceiling of your worship room should be low. A pyramid-shaped or gopura-like top will help create a positive atmosphere. If space permits, a threshold, and two-door entrances should be considered.

  • The temple's height should be double its width. The spread of the temple premises should be one-third of the height.

  • Consecrate the temple only on the main day of that deity or when the moon is full i.e. on the 5, 10, and 15 dates only.

  • When the layout and structure of your puja room are complete, it is time to place your idol. A few inches away from the wall and at least six inches off the ground would be ideal.

  • Room color is one of the most crucial things in pooja room Vastu tips. Use light colors like white, light blue, yellow, and pastel to create an atmosphere of meditation. If you choose marble, white, or pale yellow, it will look great.

  • Not sure where to keep all your religious books, diyas, and puja items? As per Pooja room Vastu, storage should always be in a southeast direction, there should not be any storage above the idol. Also, keep the storage area clean and avoid storing items that you feel are unnecessary and will take up too much space.

  • Worshiping two Shivalingas, three Ganesha, two conch shells, two sun statues, three goddess statues, two Dwarka (Gomti) Chakras and two Shaligrams in the house brings peacelessness to the householder.

  • The worship place should not be in the bedroom of the house. If the temple is made in the bedroom due to lack of space, then put curtains around the temple. Apart from this, there should be a place of worship in the north-east direction of the bedroom.

  • Idols of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Surya and Kartikeya, Ganesha, and Durga should face west, Kuber, and Bhairav should face south, and Hanuman should face south or southwest.

  • The toilet is prohibited around, above, or below the place of worship. It is necessary to have complete cleanliness and purity in and around the place of worship.

  • Do not make the kitchen, toilet, and worship room near each other. There should not be a worship room under the stairs in the house.

  • pictures of dead souls are prohibited in the worship room. Broken idols or pictures of any deity and cosmetics, broom, and unnecessary items.

  • A threshold must be made at the entrance of the worship house. It would be better if the door is made of wood with two wings. The idol of Ganesha should be kept sitting in the house.




The importance of worship rooms is very high in Indian tradition. It is the center of spirituality where we seek peace. In Vastu Shastra, the Puja room or prayer room has its significance. It is also considered the center of positivity in the house. Vastu for Puja room enhances the positivity in the whole house and is responsible for the happiness and success of every member of the family. If you want to get more information about Vastu for Pooja Room, then Online Astrology Consultations will help you.

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