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Vastu For New House: Vastu Tips For New Home

Vastu For New House: Vastu Tips For New Home

It is everyone's dream to build a beautiful house. It is the desire of a person that there should be no shortage of any kind in his new house. Hence, a person takes care of every little detail while building a house. A house is the abode of a person and the energy transmitted in the house affects the entire life of the person. Therefore, while building a house, it is not enough to install only good quality materials, it should also take care of the rules of Vastu.

Foundation Digging 

When you are getting the foundation excavated in the new house, keep in mind that first of all, get the excavation done in the north and east direction. Whereas, dig in the west direction at the end and in the south direction you do the work of filling the foundation. While doing the masonry of the house, you should first build the south wall. After that build the west side wall. Lastly, you build walls in the north and east directions.


When you are building a house, pay enough attention to its windows. Often people ignore it. Always try to make the biggest window in the north and east. Whereas in the direction of south and west, you should try to keep the size of the window very small.

Water Tap Direction 

While building a house, it is necessary to take care of the direction of the water tap. The North or East direction is considered best for installing water taps. Never install any tap in the south or west direction even by mistake.

Construction Should Be According To The Directions 

When you are building a new house, get everything designed according to its right place or direction. For example, the southeast direction is considered the best for the kitchen. While the worship house should be in the North East ie North East.

Similarly, children's rooms and guest rooms can be designed in the air angle i.e. North West direction. At the same time, the place or room of the head of the house should be made in the southwest direction. It is considered more appropriate to make the toilet in the middle of the west direction in the house.

Take Care Of Color 

Once the house is built, it is time to paint it. In such a situation, note that you should choose only light colors in the house. These are not only pleasing to the eyes but also bring positivity to the house. At the same time, it is considered best to use white color for the roofs of the house. Roofs always indicate the sky element, so using white color is beneficial. 


Tips To Keep In Mind While Designing The Entrance Of The House:


  • Better quality wood should be used for the construction of the entrance door.

  • Do not install any fountain or water center outside the main door.

  • Do not make the bathroom near the main door.

  • According to Vastu, the color of the main door should not be black.

  • The entrance should be well-lit.

  • The door should be decorated with exquisite nameplates and auspicious Toranas.

  • The door must open in a clockwise direction.

  • Do not keep any idols of animals near the entrance.



New Home - Vastu For Kitchen 


According to Saral Vastu, the kitchen should be made in the southeast direction of the house. While making a kitchen, the north, northeast, or southwest of the house should be avoided.

Vastu Tips For New Home - Room Size 


Vastu Shastra comes with additional rules for the position of all the rooms in the house. Make sure that the rooms in your house are in a straight line and are square or rectangular in shape.

Vastu Tips For New Home - Vastu Colors 


Vastu for a home pays special attention to the colors with which we decorate our homes. That's why the use of dark colors should be avoided. Choose colors like white, yellow, pink, coral, green, orange, or blue to take advantage of the positive vibes.


While building a house it is difficult to ensure that the houses built by them are Vastu compliant. If you believe in Vastu and are planning to buy a new home, it is important to follow basic Vastu tips for your new home. Vastu suggests the right colors, patterns, shapes, and directions ensure positivity and happiness in every corner of your home. To know more about Vastu tips for new home, talk to astrologer.

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