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Vastu For Living Room:  Best Vastu Tips For Living Room

Vastu For Living Room: Best Vastu Tips For Living Room

According to Vastu Shastra, the living room is an important part of the house. By looking at the living room, people can guess about your grandeur, wealth, and mindset. Generally, people take special care of the decoration of their living room, but still, unknowingly some such mistakes are made which have a direct impact on the life of the person. Many problems can be avoided by following the rules of Vastu in the living room.



Vastu Tips For Living Room


  • The living room should be made in North East, West or North-West. It is believed auspicious according to Vastu shastra.

  • The living room should be bigger as compared to other rooms.

  • Place the furniture in the living room in such a way that there is no problem with movement.

  • Do not place a sofa or chair under the beam.

  • The North East of the living room should be below the other ground.

  • There should be a maximum window in the east in this room.

  • The south and west parts should be somewhat high and very well furnished. Entertainment equipment like TV, music, etc. should be kept in this direction.

  • Place the photos and symbols of your ancestors in an orderly manner. This has a favorable impact on the guests.

  • The seating arrangement should be in such a way that the head of the house is facing east or north.

  • Instead of one chandelier, place two chandeliers in the middle of the ceiling in such a way that the space in between is empty.

  • The seating arrangement of the guests should be towards the south and west.

  • The decoration of flowers has special importance in the living room, here the vase full of colorful flowers should be decorated beautifully. The use of real flowers instead of artificial flowers increases positive energy.

  • Manglik Toran must be installed at the main entrance.

  • Keeping a water body in the north, east, or northeast of the room is auspicious according to Vastu. It is also good according to health and wealth.

  • Square and rectangular shapes are considered good for the living room. This gives positive energy. If the design of the room is not like this, then planting a plant in the room is considered auspicious.

  • Beautifully decorated carpets on the floor look good and also attract the guests.

  • Put showpiece curtains etc in the living room properly.

  • Use light colors on the walls.

  • The color of the walls should be different from the color of the roof.

  • Do not put photographs, paintings, or pictures of war, angry gestures, and death in the room.

  • Keep this room clean. Along with this, there should be complete arrangements for natural light and air.

  • The ceiling of the house should neither be too high nor too low, because height gives a feeling of insecurity, whereas being below the ceiling gives a feeling of pressure.

  • There must be at least two windows and two skylights in the living room for more oxygen and fresh air.

  • The living room should not be higher than the dining room or kitchen.

  • Keep the sofa set near the south and west wall.

  • Place the fish aquarium or fountain in the north corner.

  • To make the living room attractive, put dark color photos on light-colored walls.

  • If you want to make a fireplace in the room, then make it on the southeast or northwest side.




According to Vastu Shastra, if the house is east or north-facing, then the sitting room i.e., the living room should be in the northeast direction i.e. northeast. If the house is west-facing, then the living room should be in the northwest direction i.e., northwest. Apart from this, if the house is south-facing, then the living room should be in the southeast direction. Having windows in the east or north direction of the living room is considered very beneficial. The color of the walls of this room should be white, light yellow, sky blue, or light green. There should be no red, dark blue, or bright-colored walls. Also, use window and door curtains in the room in similar colors. If you want to get more knowledge about Vastu For Living Room, then Online Astrology Consultations will help you.

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