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Vastu For Home: Important, and Directions for Different Rooms

Vastu For Home: Important, and Directions for Different Rooms

It is difficult for builders to ensure that the houses built by them are Vastu compliant. If you believe in Vastu and are planning to buy a new home, it is essential to follow basic Vastu tips for your new home. Vastu suggests the right colors, motifs, shapes, and directions ensure positivity and happiness in every corner of your home. To be a home, it must have a specific energy and Vastu says that the place where life happens comes under the influence of that energy. Understanding the connection between good vibes in the home and the art of Vastu is essential.


Why Vastu Is Important For Home?


To stay free from the effects of Vastu defects, show the map of the house to a good Vastu Shastri while building a house. Get the correct information about the directions and get the house constructed according to the quality of that direction.

Vastu Shastra has already been created by our Rishi Muni so that the land on which man lives and where he builds his house, his life should be happy and he should not face any kind of trouble and no negative energy should bother him. Apart from the plot in Vastu Shastra, special importance has been given to the directions.


Vastu For House Construction


Vastu has special importance in Sanatan Dharma. It is mandatory to follow Vastu rules at the time of house construction. If you are careless, then there is instability in life. By following Vastu's rules, happiness, prosperity, and peace remain in the house. For this, astrologers always advise following Vastu rules at the time of house construction. If you are also going to build a home, then definitely follow these rules of Vastu. Let's know-

If you are going to get a house built, then find out the auspicious date by consulting a local pandit. After this, the house construction work can be started by worshiping on a fixed date.

It is necessary to divide the length of the house into nine equal parts. Leaving five parts on the right and three parts on the left, the main gate should be made in the remaining part. Make an entrance on the right side to exit the home.

Keep only one door to enter the house. According to Vastu Shastra, three doors on the main door of the house are not auspicious. North and East directions are better for entering the door of the house.

It is auspicious to have the main door of the house in the north or east direction and never forget to give the door in the south direction as it brings negative energy to the house.

Lord Jupiter resides in the northeast direction of the house. For this keep the worship house in the northeast direction. Keep the faces of the deities in the temple in the east direction.

Agnidev resides in the southeast direction of the home. For this, keep it in the southeast direction in the kitchen.


Vastu Planning For House


According to Vastu shastra, the main gate of an ideal house should be in the east or north direction only. On the other hand, it is considered auspicious to have the slope of your house towards east, north, or east-north (Ishan angle). In this way, according to Vastu, the rooms, hall, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom of the house should be in a particular direction. Due to this, there is no Vastu dosh in the house and people remain happy.


Vastu For Doors


According to Vastu Tips for New Home, the main door of the house is not only the entry point of the family but also of energy and vibrancy. The main entrance of your house should be in the North, East, or North-East direction. It should be made in such a way that when you come out, you face north, east, or northeast direction. Before buying or building a house, make sure the plan focuses on these particular directions.

Use better-quality wood for the construction of the entrance door. Avoid placing any fountain or water-centered decorations outside the main door. A shoe rack or dustbin should not be placed outside the entrance. Avoid making a bathroom near the main door. The color of the main door should not be black. The entrance should be well-lit. The door should be decorated with exquisite nameplates and auspicious festoon. The door should open in the south direction. Do not place any statues or idols of animals near the entrance.


Vastu For Living Room


In any home, the living room is the most active area of the house, and the first impression it makes on the guests when they enter. The living room should be clutter-free. The front or living room of your new home should be located in the east, north, or northeast direction. Also, the furniture in that room should be in the west or south-west direction. Doing this will ensure that there is no Vastu defect in your house.

All electronics and other equipment should be installed in the southeast direction of the living room. If there is a mirror in the living room, it should be placed on the north wall.


Vastu For Bedroom


The bedroom should be in the South-West direction to maintain good health and prosperous relationships. The northeast direction causes health problems, while the bedroom in the southeast direction can lead to quarrels and fights between couples. Also, the bed should be placed in the southwest corner of the room with its head facing west.

A mirror or TV should not be kept in front of the bed. The reason is that the reflection should not be seen in the bed, as it leads to domestic disruptions and quarrels. Bedroom walls should be painted in neutral or earthy colors, as they radiate positive energy. The walls should not be black. The bedroom should not have paintings depicting water or fountains as they can lead to emotional outbursts. Mood lighting should be used, and scented oils can be burned to create a calming oasis.


Vastu For Children Rooms


Children's bedrooms should ideally be in the west direction of your home. Vastu suggests that your baby should sleep with his head facing east or south for rest and peaceful sleep. The location of a child's bedroom in the southwest is also considered lucky as per Vastu.

The door of your child's room should face east to invite positive and happy vibes. It should be opened in a clockwise direction. As per Vastu, you should not hang boards or signs on the door as they attract negative energy such as aggression or ego conflict.


Vastu For Bathroom


Bathroom doors should be made in the north or east direction. Get wooden doors installed in place of iron. Do not put pictures of Gods and Goddesses on the bathroom door. The bathroom door should always be kept closed as leaving it open can bring negative energy into the house and spoil your personal relationships.

According to Vastu shastra, toilets and bathrooms should not be attached. But due to the paucity of space, this facility is not available in urban homes. That's why attached bathrooms are very popular and are used everywhere. The northwest direction of the room is most suitable for the attached toilet. For an attached bathroom, a small window can be made inside the toilet on the east, west, or north wall.


Vastu For Pooja Room


The location of worship rooms is very important in Vastu Shastra. Experts say that the preferred directions for a Puja room are North-East, East, and North. These directions are promising and will bring good luck to all the members living in the house. While making a Puja room in your home, keep in mind that you are not making it:

If you are living in a flat or apartment, make sure that the roof of your puja room has a pyramid-like structure. You can opt for a gopura-style roof like the image below. This will ensure a continuous flow of energy in your space and also attract positivity.

According to Vastu Pooja Room in the flat, these places should be made on the ground floor of the house. As per Vastu principles, the Puja room should not be in the basement or on a higher floor. Avoiding such appointments brings maximum positivity and is a good omen.


Vastu For Study Room


house is best for the study room. Making a study room on the west side of the house also gives better results. Apart from this, a study room can also be made in the northeast or east direction. It will be best if the face is in the east or north direction while studying. Keep books or other study materials in the south direction. The west direction is also a favorable direction for keeping books or other items. Use a square or rectangular study table. If you use a table lamp while studying, keep it in the southeast of the table. Do not keep very dark colors on the walls in the room. The door of the study room can be kept in the north or east direction. The door can also be made in the north or west direction. Make adequate arrangements in the room for natural light and air. Keep the computer on the table in the southeast direction.


Vastu For Kitchen


The kitchen is very important in every house. Food is prepared for everyone in the kitchen itself. It's hard without food. The people of the house get strength only by eating. The kitchen in the house should always be according to Vastu. Kitchen Vastu tells how every part of the kitchen should be. The wrong Vastu in the kitchen has a bad effect on the family members. A kitchen built according to Vastu is beneficial. That's why it is important to pay attention to kitchen architecture.

The South East direction of the house is most auspicious for the kitchen. Do not build the kitchen above and below the toilet. Do not make the kitchen above and below the bedroom. Do not keep the stove in the kitchen in front of the kitchen door. The main door of the kitchen should never be in the corner. Build the door on the east, west, or north wall. There should not be a kitchen in the northeast. By doing this, there is mental tension among the family members. There should not be a kitchen in the South-West direction. Doing this, there are quarrels among the family members. It is dangerous to make a kitchen in the north direction. This is the direction of Lord Kuber. Making a kitchen in this direction increases your expenses. Do not face west while cooking. Do not paint black on the walls of the kitchen.


Vastu For Balconies


The best direction for a balcony is the East, North, or North-East side of your house. These directions provide morning and afternoon sunlight which proves beneficial for us and brings positive energy. Having a balcony in the south or west can be difficult. There should be a balcony in the south or southeast of the house if there is an equally large balcony in the opposite direction.




Many times the cause of obstruction in a person's happiness and prosperity is the Vastu of the house, about which they are not even aware. Due to architectural mistakes, a person remains mentally afflicted and financially troubled. Actually, Vastu-related defects increase the negative energy in the house and you have to face problems. If you want to know more about the Vastu of the house, then talk to astrologers.

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