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Vastu For Garden: Best Vastu Tips For Garden

Vastu For Garden: Best Vastu Tips For Garden

A lush garden makes us feel fresh, relaxed, and positive. The greenery around us also keeps us fresh. But many times without thinking, we make a garden in our house, and trees and plants also grow randomly in them. According to Vastu, sometimes such gardens prove to be harmful to us. That's why today we are telling you the rules to make and manage your garden according to Vastu. So that your Vastu agreed Garden brings you economic growth along with greenery.



Vastu Tips For Garden


  • According to Vastu, the most suitable direction for the garden in the house is the east or north direction. Positive energy comes into the house from these directions, so instead of closed rooms, an open garden should be made at this place.

  • Placing large trees inside building premises or boundary walls should be avoided. The reason behind this is that the roots of a big tree can damage the base of the compound wall. These roots not only cause danger but also block the sunlight which ultimately hampers the prosperity of that building.

  • Trees with dense foliage and huge size should be avoided as they block the auspicious sunlight or cool vital rays. You can place these trees in the south or west direction but make sure that these big trees do not occupy these two directions only.

  • Make sure ornamental plants are in the garden only and have a maximum height of three feet.

  • The lawn in the garden should always be towards the east or north direction, where a swing can be placed along the north-south axis. It ensures unobstructed views and opportunities as per Vastu Shastra.

  • The best direction to plant the Ficus tree is West. Never plant Ashoka, Banana, Berry tree, Mango, and Pineapple in the north or east direction.

  • Ornamental plants, lawns, and gardens designed or placed in the north or east along with the waterfall should not exceed three feet in height. Leave the North-West and North-East corners for its installation.

  • Always the focal point of any area is often relaxing and inspiring. For a garden, focal points can be a small fountain, fish aquarium, rocky landscaping, and peaceful sculptures. Avoid any violent objects in the garden as they can take away the calmness of the place.

  • A swing is placed in the garden but North or East is the perfect direction for it.

  • Make a seating area in the west or south direction where your face is towards the east or north.

  • Fruit-bearing trees are considered harmful to children. Such trees, if planted in the southeast, are problematic and deadly.

  • Regular watering and fertilizing the plants according to the weather causes happiness and prosperity in your family.

  • Many individuals are enjoying of having a swimming pool in the garden. Vastu Shastra recommends building a swimming pool in the north or northeast direction. Having a swimming pool in the garden is a matter of great care, avoid the center, south, southeast, southwest and even northwest directions as these directions attract negativity. Swimming pools in these directions can also harm the health of the residents and result in unwanted incidents, so keep a check on the place and then construct the swimming pool.

  • According to Vastu Shastra, keeping water utensils for birds is considered good.

  • The proper lighting should be done in the garden at night, because by doing this you promote positive energy, and also protect yourself from unwanted accidents.

  • Small shrubs can be planted on the east or north side of the garden and the northeast side should be open and not have any plants.

  • There should never be dry leaves or broken, pinched branches on trees and plants in the garden of the house because it increases the possibility of negativity and accidents.



No one wants to leave any stone unturned to build the dream home. Everyone wants their new home to bring happiness and prosperity. That's why people have faith in Vastu Shastra and they want to make every corner of their house Vastu compliant. But have you thought that when every corner of the house is being prepared according to Vastu, then there is no need for Vastu for the garden? You should also make the garden of the house according to Vastu. It gives positive energy and also puts the effect of every direction on us in the right way. Want to know more about Vastu For Garden, then Online Astrology Consultations will help you.

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