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Vastu for Commercial Buildings: Vastu Tips For Vastu for Commercial Buildings

Vastu for Commercial Buildings: Vastu Tips For Vastu for Commercial Buildings

Just as the rules and principles of Vastu Shastra have to be followed for building a house, likewise the rules and principles of Vastu Shastra have to be followed in the construction of a commercial building. Just as building a house according to Vastu Shastra makes the whole family happy and happy and the members living in it experience peace of mind, in the same way, the construction of commercial Buildings according to Vastu Shastra Business flourishes well and goes on increasing day by day.



Vastu Tips for Commercial Buildings


  • For Commercial Buildings, first of all, the selection of a plot is very important and if there is scope to adopt the principles of Vastu in the available plot, then the plot should be improved and constructed. It is good if the plot is extended to the northeast region. As far as possible, the door of the general store or other shops should be in the north or east direction.

  • Placing well, hand pumps, underground water systems, and fountains,s, etc. in the north, east, or northeast of the business premises preserves the water element in Vastu and creates a positive environment.

  • Keep the rooms related to accounts, cashier, accounts department, or money transactions in the north direction.

  • The conference room is highly auspicious in the east direction.

  • The stairs should be right-facing and odd in number.

  • The doors of all rooms or cabins should open inwards.

  • Dirt or broken items should not be kept on the roof of the commercial establishment.

  • The lift should be in the northwest direction.

  • Keep the canteen or kitchen in the southeast direction.

  • The garage for vehicles can be built in the northwest or southeast direction.

  • Never build a toilet at the angle of the plot in a commercial establishment. A suitable place for this is the place between the southwest and the south.

  • There should not be any trees or poles in front of the commercial establishment.

  • It is auspicious to put auspicious signs at the entrance of the establishment.

  • Some part of the establishment's land should also be kept raw and if flower plants are planted in it, then it is even better.

  • The ceilings of the rooms of the business establishment should be kept high, due to which the mental health of the employees is maintained.

  • Saltwater wipes should be applied at least once a week in the establishment.

  • Light colors should be used in the rooms.

  • Every room should have windows, skylights, and natural air, sunlight should also enter. East and north of the plot should be open as much as possible.

  • While building a commercial Building, one thing should be kept in mind in which direction the water tank from which water is being supplied through the tap in the entire complex should be in that direction. We know that it is necessary to keep a balance in all the five elements at the place where the construction work is done on the earth made of five elements. Since water is also one of those five elements, keeping the water tank at the east or northeast angle will keep the place of the complex balanced and due to the effect of this balance, there will be proper profit in the business.



According to Vastu Shastra, while constructing the Building, keep in mind that if the face of the complex is towards the south and north direction, that is, if there is a Vastu map of south facing house, then leave less space towards the front of the complex. Never build a Building adjacent to the northeast boundary and leave space behind it as well. Use underground space for parking in the Building i.e. make arrangements for underground parking. If there is more free space in front, you can build a park, but keep in mind that its face should be in the northeast direction only. If underground parking is not possible, then more space should be left for parking in the north-east direction. Adhering to the rules of Vastu Shastra while constructing the complex gives auspicious results and also gains fame. If want to get more information about Vastu for Commercial Buildings, then Online Astrology Consultations will help you.

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