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Vastu For Child Room:  Best Vastu Tips For Children Room

Vastu For Child Room: Best Vastu Tips For Children Room

Children are also like a seed in which infinite possibilities of development are hidden. These possibilities can also become reality and can remain suppressed forever. Everything present in the universe requires a certain environment to grow. To develop the talent of children, it is necessary to raise them in a positive environment since childhood and their bedroom plays a very important role in developing this positive environment.

The biggest reason for this is that the subconscious brain of the children is still going through the process of being refined and during this time everything that affects their subconscious will affect their life in a big way in the coming times. That's why where children sleep, in which direction their room is located, in which direction their bed is and many other things have a deep impact on their subconscious mind directly and indirectly.



Vastu Tips For Children's Room 

Kid's Room Direction According to Vastu 


According to Vastu, the children's room should be in the west direction of your house. If not west, then you can make your child's room in the southwest direction as well. This will make your child progressive and help them to become obedient in their life and complete the work on time. Also in Vastu Shastra, it is believed that the clockwise movement of children's room makes them intelligent, witty, and bright in their life.


Vastu Tips for Furniture in Kid's Room



Every space in the house is earmarked for something or the other and according to Vastu Shastra, keeping too much furniture in the kid's room can make the room look clustered.

Carrying too many things can distract the child's mind and affect his ability to concentrate.

While placing furniture in the room, it should be kept at a distance of a few inches from the walls of the room.


Vastu Tips For Children's Bed


South-west is an ideal direction for the bed in the children's bedroom. Children's bedroom in the southwest is considered auspicious. Also, according to Vastu, the bed in the children's room should be in the west or southwest corner as it is considered the ideal direction for the children's bed. Also, you can place the bed in the west direction to bring good health, success, and fortune.

Apart from this, the child should sleep with the head in the east or south direction for rest and peaceful sleep. Explain that according to Vastu, the southwest place is considered lucky for the child's bedroom.



Vastu Tips for Kid's Room


  • The door of the children's room should never face the bed. As per Vastu doors and windows, they attract the evil eye and negative energies to the place. Direct contact between the door and the bed can also affect your baby's sleep performance.

  • The best directions for the door in the room are East and North. Along with this, you can also plant them in the northeast. Not only this, there should be only one shutter on the door.

  • The windows should be in the east or north direction. It will welcome positivity and eliminate all fear and enemies from your child's life.

  • The windows or doors should not be too big. A perfect size lets kids stay well in their academic life.

  • Remember, no window should be metal.

  • The windows in your children's room or house should always be kept in even numbers.

  • Avoid blocking the window with anything. Let fresh air enter the room once a day.

  • Do not let children sleep under the beam as according to the principles of Vastu Shastra, children should not sleep under direct light. It is believed that this can create pressure and nervousness in children.

  • To invite positive energy and vibes, the door of the child's room should face east and should open in a clockwise direction. Explain that according to Vastu, the door for the children's bedroom should be towards the east. Also, it is believed that the boards should not be hung on the door of the children's room as they attract negative energy and ego.




Every parent wants to give the best life to their children and aspires to see them on the pinnacle of success. Despite all the efforts, children have to face problems many times. If you want your children to have a bright future and see them happy, then the children's room should be made according to Vastu Shastra, which works to keep troubles away from the child's life. Since a kid's room is the center of the fun, entertainment, and enjoyment, thus it needs a happy and prosperous environment. If you want to get more knowledge about the Vastu For Children Rooms then, Online Astrology Consultations will help you.

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