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South-East Facing House Vastu

South-East Facing House Vastu

The southeast angle is located between 112.5° to 157.5° in the Vastu compass. It is an important direction situated between the east and south direction. The Dikpal of the southeast direction is fire. Fire represents physical heat, cosmic radiance, and the light of knowledge. The ruling planet in this direction is Venus, which represents women, food items, personal relationships, and wealth. The importance of fire can be gauged from the fact that it is related to the three most important aspects of life namely birth, marriage, and death.


Main Gate in South-East Facing Vastu Plan


The entrance of the house should always be in the North East or East direction. It should never be in the South East. But if the main door of the house is in the south full, then keep three Vastu pyramids at the entrance, it reduces the malefic effects.

The main door of the house can be the main reason for ill luck and ill health of the family members. Keep Om, Trishul, and Swastik at the entrance of the house. This will prevent negative energies from entering the house.


Vastu Of The Bedroom In South-East Facing Houses


According to Vastu, the right place for the bedroom is the southwest corner of the house. It is inauspicious to be in the South East. To remove this defect, simply move the bed from the southeast corner to the southwest corner. There should be some space between the wall and the bed.


Vastu Of A Toilet In South-East Facing House


If your bathroom is in the South-East corner of your house, then it leads to loss of money, and success in your life is difficult. Placing a Vastu pyramid in the bathroom will be very helpful in balancing the energy in your home.


Suitable Colors For South-East Facing Houses


Vastu defects in the house can cause an imbalance in professional and personal life, health-related problems, etc. Vastu Remedies for South East Corner of the Home suggest that painting the walls of the South East corner with dark colors like red will be highly beneficial to regain the lost peace of the family.


Vastu Remedies For South East Corner 


For Prosperity


Even if the Vastu of your home is balanced and according to the rules of Vastu, still these Vastu remedies can be adopted to attract peace and prosperity. If you keep Vastu Kalash in the southeast corner of your house, there will be no shortage of money in your life and there will be peace and happiness in your family.


Worship Lord Hanuman


Lord Hanuman is considered one of the most powerful deities in Hindu scripture. Worshiping Lord Hanuman can solve a lot of problems in your life. To reduce the ill effects of the South-East of the house, worship Lord Hanuman. You can also keep the idol of Hanuman ji in your home or office.


A Cut In A Corner



As stated in Vastu Shastra, a cut in any corner of the house is considered a Vastu defect. Placing a Vastu Siddha Shukra Yantra in the South East corner of the house would be a very good solution if it is cut. This will reduce the adverse effects of entering the house and avoid trouble.


Sea Salt And Crystals


Sea salt and crystals can reduce the Vastu effect to a great extent. Use this remedy for your master bedroom in the South East direction, which cannot be changed. Keep a bowl of sea salt or camphor crystals and place it on a corner facing northeast direction.


Remove The Cupboard


There should not be a cupboard on the wall of the southeast corner of your house. If there is a cupboard in this corner, move it to the other side. And if there is a cupboard on the wall, break it or remove it in the southwest part of your room, which will act as a remedy.




Agnidev resides in the southeast direction of the house. That's why in Vastu Shastra, this corner is called the Aagney kon (southeast angle). Food cooked in the south-east direction is good for health. Due to this the age of the people living in that house increases. It has been told in astrology that having a kitchen in this direction makes the people living in that house financially prosperous. want to get more information about South-East Facing House Vastu, then Online Astrology Consultations will help you

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