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Pigeon Laying Eggs On The Balcony - Vastu Tips

Pigeon Laying Eggs On The Balcony - Vastu Tips

Many things are considered positive and negative in Hinduism and Vastu. These traditions have been going on like this for centuries. Some such beliefs are regarding animals and birds. Pigeon is one of them. Two opinions have been going on in the minds of the people regarding the pigeon, which is considered a symbol of happiness and peace. As per Vastu, the pigeon is regarded as a follower of Goddess Lakshmi. In such a situation, it is auspicious to come into the house, while many people believe that bad luck increases by staying in the house. Know about Pigeon-related Vastu Tips.

Nest In The House

It is generally believed that it is inauspicious to have a pigeon's nest in the house. Nesting on the balcony or terrace of the house means that he has brought bad luck with him. It should be removed promptly in this situation. Otherwise, the person has to face many problems. Along with this, with the progress of the members living in the house, there is a bad effect on the financial crisis.

Symbol Of Happiness And Peace

The arrival of a pigeon in the house indicates happiness and peace. It can give you big success in less time. Although some people consider it inauspicious in the house, it is considered a good sign.

Feed The Pigeons Daily

Feeding pigeons is considered an act of virtue. Many types of planetary defects are removed by this. Try to feed the pigeons every day. It will not only be auspicious for you, but it will also bring happiness, peace, and prosperity to your home.

Instability And A Sign Of Economic Hardship

It has been said in astrology that if there is a pigeon's nest in or around the house, then leave it away from the house without harming it. Because it brings instability as well as a financial crisis in the house.

Bad Luck Will Turn Into Good Luck

If a pigeon comes home, then your misfortune can turn into good luck. It is said in the scriptures that pigeons are devotees of Goddess Lakshmi. That's why having a pigeon in the house increases happiness and peace. It is considered better to feed pigeons daily than to keep them.

Money Problems Go Away

By feeding pigeons money related problems go away. Pigeons should be fed grains to strengthen Mercury. By doing this, the inauspicious effect of Mercury can be reduced.

The Position Of Mercury And Jupiter Will Be Strong

According to Vastu Shastra, to get the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, one must feed pigeons. By doing this, the position of Jupiter and Mercury in the horoscope also gets strengthened. Along with this, the flow of positive energy in the house increases.

According to Vastu Shastri, making a pigeon's nest is very auspicious. Many types of Vastu defects are also removed by this. Let us know other things related to this

  • It is said that if a pigeon's nest is made in the eastern part of the house, then there is an increase in respect.

  • Having a nest on the southeast angle leads to the early marriage of the son.

  • Having this nest in the south direction brings wealth.

  • The nest in the southwest angle gives long life to the family members.

  • Having a nest in the western part brings blessings to Goddess Lakshmi.

  • Pigeon's nest in the northwest corner is considered to be auspicious.

  • Similarly, if a nest is made in the north and northeast, it provides comfort and facilities.


According to belief, the pigeon is considered a devotee of Goddess Lakshmi. Many people consider the arrival of a pigeon in the house auspicious. According to religious beliefs, it is said that if a pigeon makes a nest in the house, happiness, and prosperity start coming into the family. On the other hand, some people believe that the arrival of a pigeon is inauspicious. If a pigeon has made its home on the balcony or terrace of your house, then it should be removed immediately, because these problems start increasing in the house and there is an obstacle in the progress of the family member. If you want to know more about Vastu Tips for Pigeons, then Talk to Astrologer.

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