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North Facing House Vastu

North Facing House Vastu

According to Vastu Shastra, houses facing East, North, and North East are very beneficial. However, this is not the only parameter for the entry of positive energy into your home. North is the direction of Kuber, the god of wealth and by this logic, the houses facing north should have been the most popular.

If you want to get happiness and prosperity in your life, then you need to follow some guidelines of Vastu Shastra regarding your north-facing house. According to Vastu Shastra, a north-facing house can be made auspicious by making the main door in the north and staircase in the south, west, southeast, southwest, or northwest.



Main Door in North Facing House


The placement of the main door of the house should be in the north direction. Even in the north direction, the fifth step is considered most auspicious, meaning to bring you wealth as it is the home of Kuber, the god of wealth.

Apart from this, the third, fourth, and eighth steps, which are main, Bhallat, and Diti respectively, are also considered auspicious. Choosing any of these steps for the main gate will attract wealth.

The distance between the northeast and northwest is divided into nine equal parts and it is the fifth step which is auspicious.



Stair Position In North Facing House


  • The stairs should not be in the north direction. This can cause financial problems.

  • You can make stairs in the South, West, South-East, South West or North West directions.

  • Do not place the ladder in the North-East direction, as it may cause nerve problems.


Vastu For The Living Room In North Facing House


According to Vastu, the living room can be designed in the northeast direction in a house with an entrance in the north. The option of designing the living room in the northwest corner of the house can also be considered. However, it is necessary to follow the rules of Vastu Shastra for placing furniture in the house. In the house, things like tables, and sofa sets should be kept in the west or southwest corner of the room.

Vastu For Bedroom In North Facing House

West, north-west, south, and south-west directions are considered best for making a bedroom in a north-facing house. However, as per Vastu, it is advisable to have the master bedroom in the southwest direction of the house with the entrance in the north.

Vastu For Kitchen In A North-Facing House

The kitchen should be built in the southeast or northwest direction of the house. You can also choose a south direction for the kitchen. According to the Vastu plan of a north-facing house, there should not be a kitchen in the northeast corner at all.

Vastu Tips For North Facing House Plan

Slope In North Facing House

North-facing property which is auspicious for you and your family, avoid such a plot that has a slope from north to south.

Avoid Clutter

Do not keep dustbins and clutter in the north or northeast of the house. It hurts your financial status and the development of the children.

Installation Of Holy Things

Holy things, which include Swastik, Om, Chitra, etc., should not be kept scattered in your house.

Electric Circuit Board

The electric circuit board should be placed in the South-East zone so that the distribution of energy in the whole house can be balanced.

Bedroom/Toilet In The North-Facing House

The bedroom and toilet should not be in North-East. According to bedroom Vastu, the master bedroom should be in the southwest area.

Study Room In The North-Facing House

As per Vastu Shastra, the study room can be in the East direction of the house. The study room should never be in the South-East or South-West corner of a North facing house. Place the study table in such a way that the student's face should be in North East, East or North while studying.

Office In North Facing House

The north direction is the direction of the god of wealth. Having an office in the north direction of the house can give you financial benefits. Keep the workstation at home facing north and ensure that there is a wall behind it. For progress in your career, install a fountain in the north direction. Also, do not keep the desk in the northeast direction. If you want to succeed, opt for a high-back chair and a wooden desk.

Pooja Room In North-Facing House

Pooja's Room and living room should be in North-East. East and west direction are best for Pooja Room. Generally, Indian temples are built in the west direction. This ensures that the idols of God should face east.

Bathroom And Septic Tank In North Facing House

Bathrooms and septic tanks accumulate negative energy from the house. In such a situation, their placement is necessary. According to Vastu the best direction for a bathroom in a north-facing house is southwest or west of the northwest.

Garage/Car Parking In North Facing House

There should not be a garage or car parking in the north direction as it can prove to be harmful to your mental peace. Build your garage in the southeast or northwest direction.

Balcony And Terrace In North Facing House

According to the Vastu plan of a north-facing house, there should be a large balcony or open terrace in the north direction. Avoid balconies in the south and west or close them with grills. Light fittings placed along the north and east walls bring in positivity and good energy.

Safety Locker In North Facing House

In a north-facing house, the safety locker should be placed on the south side, that too facing north. The door of the locker should open towards the north direction of the house, which according to Vastu is the direction of Kuber. Do not keep the locker in North East corner as it will lead to loss of money.




According to Vastu, the North facing plot is considered auspicious. For a north-facing plot, make the boundary wall in the north and east thinner and shorter than the walls in the south and west. Make sure that the slope of the north-facing plot is not in the southwest direction, as it can lead to loss of property. It is better to have a slope of the plot in the north or east direction. An expanding plot in the northeast direction is auspicious and brings prosperity. Want to know more about North Facing House Vastu, then Online Astrology Consultations will help you.


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