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Morning Glory Plant: Morning Glory Plant Direction As Per Vastu

Morning Glory Plant: Morning Glory Plant Direction As Per Vastu

Morning Glory Plant is a perennial climbing vine that is cultivated as an ornamental plant. It is also grown as a creeping vine in the garden and is used as a houseplant The Ipomoea indigo plant is a tropical perennial native to tropical America. The height of the plant can be up to 6 feet and it bears purple flowers. This plant is used both in ornamental gardens and as an indoor houseplant. The first time you see this plant, it may seem like a strange-looking squash with long tendrils. However, it is a climbing vine. This means that it rises on and around objects rather than on them. Its tendrils can grow in such a way that they allow the plant to climb other plants or trees.

Physical Description Of Morning Glory Plant

The plant is a tropical perennial and woody vine growing up to 15 feet tall, The flowers are mostly white, but some cultivars have pink or purple flowers.

How To Grow The Morning Glory Plant?

The plant thrives in warm climates and prefers full sun exposure. The soil should be well-drained, but not excessively wet and dry, as this can damage the leaves. It is also important to avoid over-fertilizing the soil with too much nitrogen fertilizer. Doing so will cause the leaves to become brittle and fall from the plant without producing flowers. If you want to grow your Ipomoea indigo plant from seed, you can plant your seeds directly into the soil wherever you need to keep your mature plants. Water regularly until your seeds germinate and your roots begin to grow. Then it is not necessary to check on them every few days by digging around them with your fingers. This will help determine whether they grow properly or not.

Maintenance Tips For Morning Glory Plant

  • It is necessary to provide wind shelter.

  • Spring season is considered the ideal time for pruning plants.

  • Keep your plants in some shade so that they can escape from the hot sun.

  • During the growing season, you must water liberally and fertilize monthly; However, during winters, you need to provide the minimum amount of water.

Uses Of Morning Glory Plant

  • Morning Glory Plant has been cultivated as an ornamental plant since the late 20th century.

  • Some of the properties of the seeds include anthelmintic, anticholinergic, antifungal, antispasmodic, antitumor, diuretic, and laxative.

  • The crushed plants are used as a hair wash to remove lice from the hair.

Is Morning Glory Plant Toxic?

Morning Glory Plant can cause vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, hallucinations, and even delirium, but these plants are not life-threatening.

Morning Glory Bloom Time

Flowers on morning glory vines typically bloom from mid-summer to fall (September–October). Morning glory vine starts flowering about 2-3 months after planting. In a moderate climate, it is planted as a perennial plant, where it maintains its beauty with colorful flowers for a long time.

This article, how you can grow morning glory plants at home. You can learn about the method of planting morning glory seeds in a pot, and how to take care of it. 


Morning glory plants grow as vines, so to preserve the beauty of your flowering plants and encourage better growth and more blooms, support morning glory vines with sturdy wood, rope, or creeper netting.

Pests And Diseases

Generally, morning glory vines are not infested by any kind of insect, but if there is too much moisture around the plants, the plant can be affected by many types of fungal infections like leaf spots, stem rot, thread blight, etc. Are. Controlling moisture is essential to prevent your morning glory plants from all of these problems, be sure to give plants enough water from below, and avoid overwatering.


The soil may be more prone to drying out frequently during summer, as morning glory plants like to grow in moist soil, mulching can be done around the plants during summer to maintain sufficient moisture.


Morning glory vines only flower when placed in direct sunlight. To encourage more flowering, place your morning glory plants in a location that receives at least 6-8 hours of sunlight daily. If you want to know more about the morning plant in the morning, then talk to astrology.

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