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Moon Vastu: Vastu Remedies To Strengthen The Moon

Moon Vastu: Vastu Remedies To Strengthen The Moon

All the nine planets present in the horoscope affect the native in their way. leave an impact on his life. If the benefic planets are in good condition, then the person also gets its fruits and if inauspicious planets are in good condition, then it may also have to face negative consequences. Sometimes a planet gives inauspicious results at a particular time, in such a situation peace is necessary. Those whose horoscope has a weak moon or is contaminated by evil planets, get benefits by adopting some measures of moon peace and planetary pain is calm.

Weak Moon Symptoms

A weak Moon in the horoscope of a person first weakens the nature of the person. If the Moon is weak, then the person starts getting upset over small things. Gets emotional quickly. Making poor decisions can be indicative of a weakened immune system, leading to symptoms such as cold, cough, and congestion in the affected individual. The problem of blood pressure starts. In such a situation, some remedies for a weak moon have been given. By doing these, a person's mind and brain get strengthened.

Remedies To Strengthen The Weak Moon In The Horoscope

  • Make sure to water the roots of the banyan tree regularly and offer worship to it.

  • You can wear pearls according to the advice of astrology.

  • To strengthen the moon, you can also wear a silver bangle, ring, silver chain, or silver anklet in your hand.

  • Do not stay awake till late at night to strengthen the moon. People with a weak Moon in the horoscope should not stay awake late at night.

  • Offer kheer or rabdi to Lord Shiva on the full moon day.

  • While making the foundation of the house, by pressing a small piece of silver in it, the moon becomes strong.

  • It is believed that applying silver nails to the four legs of the cot or the bed on which you sleep is also beneficial.

  • It is beneficial to receive a silver utensil as a gift from the maternal side i.e. mother, or maternal uncle.

  • Feed kheer to girls on Monday. By feeding kheer to nine girls, the moon becomes strong.

Some Simple Ways To Strengthen The Moon

  • To avoid the malefic effects of the Moon, use gems, colors, fragrances of flowers, etc. Apart from colors and gems, there are also some Yogasanas with the help of which you can strengthen the weak position of the Moon in your horoscope.

  • According to astrology, doing Bhakti Yoga increases the positive energy of the Moon. Apart from this, doing Bhramari Pranayama, regular Vajrasana, and boating posture is also beneficial.

  • When the Moon is in a weak position in a woman's horoscope, she may suffer from occult diseases or blood-related problems. The Vastu of the house also gets affected negatively due to the weak Moon.

  • To make your Moon powerful, you should make some changes in the Vastu of your house and fix it.

  • Moon is considered to be the master of the west direction, you should keep the west direction of your house high and if possible keep the heavy items of the house in the same direction.

  • Avoid wasting water. Get the faulty taps in your house fixed as soon as possible.

  • Do not keep a broom or any other kind of dirt or cleanliness-related items like wipes, and dusters in the west direction. Place a pink-colored bulb in the northwest corner of the house and light it as soon as the day sets.

  • Place a mirror with 8 corners at the main door of the house in such a way that the person standing outside can see his face in that mirror.


Every planet in astrology influences an individual's life. The negative impacts of a weakened planet in an individual's horoscope can manifest in their life. The planet Moon is related to the brain of a person. If the Moon is in a weak position in a person's horoscope, then he feels pressure in his mind and becomes a victim of many mental diseases. If you want to get more information about Vastu remedies to strengthen the Moon, then Astrology phone Consultation will help you.

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