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What is the Importance of Vastu Puja?

What is the Importance of Vastu Puja?

Vastu Puja helps in removing the Vastu defects of the house and brings prosperity to the house. Due to this, a good balance is maintained in both your life and home. It can play a vital role in enhancing one's standard of living. It is believed that Vastu Puja removes all the troubles from the house and harmony prevails among the family members. Let us know how important Vastu plays a role in your life. 


Importance of Vastu Puja


  • Vastu Puja is the best way to remove all kinds of health and wealth obstacles.

  • It helps in removing the negative effects of various planets on the horoscope.

  • It removes all kinds of obstacles in life, including marriage, mutual relations, jobs, etc.

  • Worshiping strengthens the relationship of family members with each other, and increases health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity.

  • This puja also helps in removing obstacles in love and relationship. It brings a sense of peace, joy, and abundance to your life.

  • Protects homes and workplaces from natural and unnatural casualties.

  • Increases the flow of positive energy and dispels bad and positive energy.

Vastu for Direction


According to Vastu Shastra, it is very important to take care of directions at the time of building construction. A total of nine directions have been mentioned in Vastu Shastra. The masters and elements of all these directions are diverse.


East Direction

Lord of this direction is Indradev. This is considered to be the direction of Pitra Bhav. Closing it or raising it higher than the south, or west can cause problems like loss of respect, and non-payment of debt.

West Direction

This direction represents the air element. Its owner is Varundev. By closing or contaminating this direction of profit, there remains the fear of disappointment, stress, obstruction of income, and more expenses in life.

North Direction

The north direction, representing the water element, is considered to be associated with maternal instinct and is ruled by Kubera. Due to contamination or closure of this direction, lack of money, education, and happiness remain in life. This direction must be open, clear, and light.


South Direction

Yama is the lord of the south direction. Keeping this direction open and light is faulty. Having doors and windows in this direction causes problems like disease, enmity, mental instability, and lack of decision-making.

South-East Direction

As a fiery angle, this Direction affects the fire element. The lord of this direction is Agni Dev. Contamination or closure of this direction causes health problems and there is also a fear of loss of life and property due to fire.


South-West Direction

This direction, which represents the earth element, is also known as the southwest angle and the lord of this direction is Nairut Dev. Due to its contamination, problems like fear of enemies, accidental accidents, and stigma on character come.


North-West Direction

This direction is associated with the wind element and the wind god. Enmity, disease, lack of physical strength, and aggressive behavior are seen due to the closure or contamination of this direction.


North-East Direction

In Vastu Shastra, this direction is known as Ishan Kon. The place of worship in this direction, which is considered very sacred, is Vastu compatible. Due to its fault, there is a possibility of lack of courage, chaotic life, discord, and confusion of the mind.


Brahmasthan or Center

The sky is considered to be the central part of the building. Like the northeast, it is considered necessary to keep this direction clean and sacred, otherwise one may face troubles, obstacles, tension, discord, theft, etc. in life. Avoid keeping or building heavy things here.




It is believed that Vastu Shastra helps to improve our lives and protect us from some wrong things. In other words, Vastu Puja protects us by creating a safe and positive environment. Vastu Shastra is the age-old science of construction, which includes the principles and philosophies of architecture, which are of great importance in any building construction. These have an impact on the lifestyle and living conditions of human beings. If you want to get more knowledge about the Importance of Vastu puja, then online astrology Consultations will help you. 

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