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Importance of Directions in Vastu

Importance of Directions in Vastu

According to Vastu Shastra, no direction is inauspicious. Each direction has a lord. These directions have both positive and negative impacts on life. Directions have special importance in Vastu Shastra. Positivity stays by keeping everything according to the direction. If you do not follow the directions of Vastu, then there can be all kinds of troubles in life.



Importance of North Direction



North direction is a direction that is meaningful in many ways. Many questions can be answered in this direction. A quick answer to every question is found in this direction. Dhanalakshmi's place is in this direction. Kubera and Lakshmi being together is a symbol of Maha vaibhav, and Dhan Lakshmi's grace. The money received from this direction is pure and comes from a good path. This money is also durable for a long time. The glory that came from the north is not fickle. Pole is firm and durable like a star.

Scientifically also, the north direction is considered best, because the electromagnetic power center of the earth gets infected in this direction. Similarly, the ultraviolet rays present in the rays of the rising sun in the morning have maximum effect in this direction. That's why it is considered good to have more and more open and low places in the north direction. Due to its effect, a good environment is created and fame is achieved in work. The entrance door, Diwan Khana, bathroom, worship house space, bedroom of young children or old persons, money safe, study room, underground water tank, etc. are considered beneficial in the north direction.



Importance of South Direction



The south direction is indeed inauspicious by origin, but it is also a very good direction. Construction in such a house gives a lot of income for three to four years. During this period, economic progress takes place rapidly. What we call 'easy money' is available in plenty. But after that, the inflow of money stops in a way. The situation becomes stable.  After three to four years, the crisis cycle starts, due to which there is a huge economic loss. Personal and business losses have to be borne on a large scale. If it is said in a few words, then due to the influence of the south direction, a person becomes a millionaire and a pauper in a short time.



Importance of East Direction



East means first class, high class, and best direction. The destruction of darkness and the beginning of light begins in the east. The direction which gives information about the progress of knowledge and light of the whole world is East. All the activities of human life begin with the light and healing, exhilarating rays of the rising sun in the east. During the rainy season, when the clouds cover the whole atmosphere and the sun cannot be seen, at that time the human mind is surrounded by sadness. The main element of the east direction, that is, having a bathroom and cleanliness on a low land or slope in the east, gives health benefits, political support, enthusiasm, and authority. If the stairs of the rooms of the house and the front porch are in the east direction, there is an increase in opulence, royalty, and intelligence.


If there is any kind of Vastudosh in the East direction i.e., kitchen, toilet, Dhuha, high place, staircase leading to height, high wall, less free space than other directions, there is a decrease in income, hindrance in educational progress, and loss of health.



Importance of West Direction



West means the direction coming back, the direction of sunset, where light ends and darkness begins, that direction. The owner of a house with an entrance in the west gets very little fame despite hard work. Out of all the eight directions, it is the west that gives the worst results. The people living in the house with the door in the west direction are poor, unsuccessful, discouraged, drowned in debt, and surrounded by suffering. By working hard the other person can make a lot of progress, by working equally hard, these people are not able to make satisfactory progress.



Importance of North-East (Ishan) Direction



This direction is the direction of Ish Tattva, that is, the direction of God. This is a very worshipable, happy, and fame-giving direction. Northeast is the direction of the gods, while the southwest is the direction of the demons. Due to being full of all virtues, this direction can provide knowledge, wisdom, opulence, good luck, Raja Yoga, children's happiness, fame, health, and long life.



Importance of North-West (Vayavya) Direction



According to its name, the place of air in the northwest direction is automatically known. This direction is in the middle of the west and north. The importance of air is evident in the ten characteristics of this direction. The place of the air element means the place of Vayudev, the guardian of the direction, and his city Gandhavati means the direction which introduces the unbreakable relationship between air and smell.


Considering the place of air in our life, its importance will be easily understood. It means that air is a life-giving element in the form of breath. Without air, we can survive only for a few moments. This air is of great importance to us.


The northwest direction has a great influence on harmony and coordination in mutual relations. According to Vastu Shastra, it is best to make elder children's bedrooms, guest rooms, study rooms, dining rooms, toilets, pet places, septic tanks, living rooms, grain stores, etc. in the northwest direction. In commercial establishments, the head of the marketing department, the products or services of the goods, and the goods to be sold should be placed attractively in this direction and the appropriate items should be placed correctly. Doing this is beneficial for the business.



Importance of South-East (Agneya)Direction



The southeast direction means the sub-direction located at 450, located in the middle of the east and south main directions. This is the place of a fire element in the Panchamahabhutas. Agni means energy, energy means speed, and speed means progress. According to the principles of Vastu Shastra, it is necessary to establish the element of fire in the southeast direction of the Vastu (building), that is, the establishment of the kitchen. Only then the fire element is well established and there is progress in the house. If there is an entrance in the southeast direction, then there is a lot of money income in the house. But the householder himself can never get the pleasure of that money. This money is spent in an unbridled manner.



Importance of South-West (Nairutya)Direction



The southwest direction is the middle direction between south and west. The element of this direction is considered very bad due to being a demonic, vampire. This is a demonic direction. The demonic tendency makes an entry into the mind of a person and keeps him tightly. The person is always frightened, that's why passion and excitement prevail in his mind. There is an increase in the desire to jump into difficulties, to face them like Dheerodatta, and to move forward with one's family and work business. In short words, due to the presence of Patience Lakshmi of Ashtalakshmi in this direction, the person is patient, tolerant, stubborn, self-confident, has strong decision-making ability, and has leadership qualities.


The zodiac sign of this direction is Virgo. Due to the influence of this zodiac, a person remains equanimous in any favorable or unfavorable situation. He tends to move ahead in his fun. Its causative planet is Rahu-Ketu, which is considered a malefic planet and which tests a person at every step. That's why having a bedroom in the southwest direction keeps the homeowner in deep and sound sleep due to the influence of Vastu. Along with this, due to the influence of the earth's elements, the self-power to move forward increases in it. The vehicle of Nairiti Rakshasa is a man, who keeps falling in front of continuous crises. Rahu-Ketu also always keeps on putting the person in trouble. However, due to the existence of Dhairyalakshmi, stubbornness, restraint, and self-confidence are generated to move forward.




Considering the point of view of Vastu Shastra, we give importance to eight directions. Because the root of the scripture is dependent on the direction. In Vedic Vastu Shastra, a specific quality of each direction has been described. East, west, north, and south are the main directions, and southeast, southwest, northwest, and northeast are the four sub-directions and Brahmasthan is in the middle. That's why each direction's specialty and nature are revealed. What should happen in which direction? What should not happen? Its guidance comes from the directions only. To make your life happy, here is the information about important parts of Vastu Shastra, directions, and their properties. If you want to get information about the Importance of Directions in Vastu, then talk to Astrologer online.

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