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East Facing House Vastu

East Facing House Vastu

If you are inside the house and are standing at the main door of the house and the direction in which you are facing while leaving the house. If you are facing east while leaving the house, then you have an east-facing house.

As per Vastu Shastra, East facing house or apartment is one of the best things. If seen from a scientific point of view, the sun rises in the east direction and provides morning sun rays to the people of the east-facing houses. Morning sunlight is good for health. This direction draws maximum positive energy.


Vastu for East facing House or Flat


As per the guidelines of Vastu Shastra, the east-facing property is considered good for buildings and multi-storeyed apartments. However, this direction is not counted among the best options for independent houses and bungalows. Apart from this, there are certain Vastu rules, guidelines, and principles that should be followed for an east-facing property.


Vastu For Kitchen In East Facing House 


If the house is facing east, then according to Vastu, the kitchen should be in the southeast direction of the house. If this is not possible, work can also be done from North West. Avoid North, West, and North-West directions. The person who will cook, his face should be in the southeast direction in the kitchen, in the east direction or the west direction, or the northwest direction. For positive energy, keep cooking stoves, ovens, and toasters in the South-East. Keep storage and refrigerator in the South-West direction.


Main Gate In East Facing House Plan


To find out where to design the main door in an east-facing house, first, measure the length of the east side of the house from the northeast corner (first phase/pada) to the southeast corner (ninth phase/pada) into nine equal parts. Main Door for East Facing House According to Vastu guidelines, each part is called a pada or a staircase. The fifth pada is auspicious for the main gate as it houses the Sun, the god of fame. It would invite name, fame, and honor for the residents.

If your house is facing east, then be careful while placing the main door entrance. Always make sure that your entrance is exactly in the center and not in the southeast or northeast, as according to Vastu these two corners are considered inauspicious for placing the main gate in an east-facing property.

If your entrance gate is in the northeast corner, make sure that the main gate does not touch the northeast corner. For this, you can leave a gap of at least 6 inches (1/2 Foot) between the wall and the main gate.


Vastu Of The Master Bedroom In East Facing House


In east-facing houses, the master bedroom should be made in a southwest direction. The master bedroom should always be bigger than the rest of the rooms in the house. According to Vastu, the best place to keep the bed is in the south or west direction of the room so that the head is towards the south or west direction and the feet are towards the north or east direction. The best place for the changing room in the master bedroom is on the west or north side of the room. Apart from this, the bathroom should not be exactly in front of the bed and the door of the bathroom should be closed at all times.


Vastu Of The Living Room In East Facing House


For east-facing houses, the living room should be in the northeast direction as it is considered auspicious. Also, make sure that the walls facing north and east are slightly shorter and thinner than those facing south and west. It attracts prosperity and success in both personal and professional life.


Vastu Of The Dining Room In East Facing House



In an east-facing house, the dining room should be in the order of the kitchen in the east, west, or south direction. Also, the door of the dining room should not be towards the entrance gate. The seating arrangement should be such that the person's face is toward the east, north, or west. The head of the family should sit in the east direction and the rest of the family members can sit facing east, north or west.


Vastu For Pooja Room In East Facing House


The Vastu plan of an east-facing house with a puja room is essential to keep in mind the Vastu principles as the temple is a holy place where the idols of God are kept.

As per Vastu guidelines for Puja room, the Puja room for an east-facing house should be in the North-East direction. However, if this location is not available for the puja room in an east-facing house, then the option of a north or east corner is also present in the Vastu plan. Make sure that the person praying in the room faces these directions. The ceiling of the Puja room should be lower than other rooms.


Vastu For Study Room In East Facing House


In an east-facing house, the study room should be in the east or west direction of the house, while the north is the second-best direction. However, make sure that there is no door right behind the study chair. Also, there should be an open area in front of the study table. If you have to place the table along the wall, then you can also leave a little gap between the study table and the adjacent wall for the circulation of energy.




According to Vastu experts, every home is as unique as the individual. Not every home suits everyone. Sun is the dominant object in an east-facing house and is related to works that have authority, power, and beauty. This direction also represents air, agility, focus, and protection. East-facing houses are ideal for people who are in government offices or have businesses. Also, east-facing houses are good for creative professionals like artists, musicians, and dancers. Want to know more about East Facing House Vastu, then Online Astrology Consultations will help you.

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