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Do Not Keep These Things In The Bedroom Of A New Couple

Do Not Keep These Things In The Bedroom Of A New Couple

After marriage, every newly married couple makes a new beginning in their life. These moments are very special, and to make these moments more special, every member of the family happily prepares so that there is no shortage. At the same time, along with the preparation for marriage, special care should also be taken of the newly married couple's room.

According to Vastu Shastra, ignoring this side becomes a cause of trouble in life. For this, it is important that while decorating their room, along with direction and colors, other things should also be taken care of. Today we are telling you that the decoration of the newly married couple's room should be done according to Vastu.

Pay Attention To The Direction

Special attention should be paid to the direction. According to Vastu, the newly married couple's room should be in the southwest or northwest direction. The direction of the newly married bed should be such that the bride's head should be towards the south and her feet should be towards the north of the room. Take special care that the feet should not be towards the door of the room. If this is not possible, then turn the head towards the east.

Selection Of Colors

The newly married couple should paint the walls of their room with their favorite color. If possible, use red color. Red color increases energy and sweetens the relationship between the two. According to Vastu, do not use grey, brown, black, or cream colors in the room at all. Rather use pink, yellow, blue, or orange colors. Do not use too much red color on the walls because there is a problem in conceiving.

Choose Good Pictures

Such pictures should be put in the room, in which happiness is reflected. It is very good to put the pictures of the newly married couple in a photo frame. Keep in mind that never put pictures of God or wild animals in the room.

Choose The Right Bed

Metal has cold energy and wood has warm energy, so always choose a wooden bed for a newly married couple. If there is a box in the bed, do not keep junk and sharp things in it. Also, keep in mind that the mattress on the bed should not be double but single.

Pay Attention While Installing Lights In The Room

According to Vastu, the light in the room should be placed in such a way that the beam of light should not come over the bed. Two things happen because of this, one being on top of the beam bed, the sleep gets disturbed and the other affects their health badly.

Do Not Keep Office Things In The Room

Keep in mind that nothing related to the office should be kept in the newly married couple's room. This ends the happiness and peace of married life and both have a bad effect on negative energy.

Get These Things Out Of The Bedroom Immediately

  • There should not be pictures of aggressive animals or creatures and pictures of idols of gods and goddesses in angry postures even by mistake in the bedroom.

  • A worship house or place of worship should not be made in the bedroom.

  • If a mirror or mirror is kept in the bedroom, then keep in mind that it should not be in front of the bed.

  • Pictures of ancestors should not hang on the wall of the bedroom.

  • Do not put a clock or photo frame on the wall at the head of the bed in the bedroom.

  • If any religious book like Chalisa or Dharma Granth is kept in the bedroom, then immediately remove it from your bedroom.


If there is a Vastu defect in the bedroom of the house then negative energy is generated. This can cause discord in married life, financial constraints, and especially health problems. According to Vastu Shastra, taking care of some things related to the bedroom brings positive energy to the house. The master bedroom in which the head of the house sleeps should be in the southwest corner. Talk to Astrology for information about what should or should not be kept in the bedroom.

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