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IPL Prediction 2024 by Accurate Astrologers

IPL Prediction 2024 by Accurate Astrologers

People are eagerly waiting for IPL 2024. Astrological predictions have also started regarding which team will win this year. According to astrology, the coming season of 2024 is going to be very exciting because this time in the year 2024, the old teams can work their magic. According to astrological calculations, many major changes are being seen in the position of the planets, in such a situation, many teams may experience an important and memorable year in the coming year.


IPL Start Date


IPL 2024 will be held from 22 March 2024 to 29 May 2024. This year 10 teams will compete in the Indian Premier League tournament 2024. The first match will be between Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore on 22 March. Matches between different teams will be held in 11 cities across India.


IPL Team - Astrology Prediction 2024


IPL Astrology Prediction 2024 is predicting all the teams. Players involved in all the teams have to work very hard to ensure their victory, but there can only be one winner. So let us know what astrology predicts about all the teams.


Chennai Super Kings


Players under the leadership of MS Dhoni can be finalists in the IPL tournament this year also. At the end of April, Dhoni's Jupiter will transit in the 9th house in Cancer. Therefore, a balanced team of Chennai Super Kings will make its mark this time too. Apart from this, many good players can play an important role in the success of CSK. Therefore, once again we will get to see a very strong performance from Chennai Super Kings.


Mumbai Indians


Mumbai Indians are one of the strongest contenders to win the IPL trophy. His team includes many good players. The position of Jupiter indicates success for the Mumbai Indians team. With the support of captain Hardik Pandya and experienced Rohit Sharma, his team is looking very strong. But, due to the position of Saturn, they will have to work harder only then they can achieve success.


Kolkata Knight Riders


Kolkata Knight Riders have a winning legacy but they need a change now. Captain Shreyas Iyer will have to take many bold steps to motivate the team more. Mercury will help this team in making strategies and Saturn limits their options. Only if they make new strategies and take risks can they achieve victory. However, in the horoscope of Shreyas Lair, Jupiter is Aspecting the 10th house of his profession. This influence of Jupiter will support their leadership abilities.


Punjab Kings


Punjab Kings have not had good luck in the IPL season so far. But this year their stars seem to be in a strong position, hence the chances of Punjab Kings winning the trophy under the leadership of Shikhar Dhawan seem to be increasing. Shikhar Dhawan's ruling planet Jupiter is in a good position but the position of Saturn can create obstacles in his path.


Royal Challengers Bangalore


This could be Royal Challengers Bangalore's time to shine as their stars are in good shape. The favorable position of Jupiter in the horoscope of Captain Faf du Plessis indicates that success and good fortune are on the horizon. Surprisingly, the bowling attack, which is often RCB's weakness, is looking promising this year. Moreover, with the playoffs approaching, King Kohli's performance ability may surprise the audience. This is the best chance for RCB to win the trophy.


Rajasthan Royals


Rajasthan Royals have a good chance to win the hearts of all the spectators based on the planetary position of their captain Sanju Samson. Saturn will transit in the third house of Sagittarius due to which Sanju Samson may face some difficulties in taking important decisions during the tournament. But with the presence of Jupiter in Aries, his batting is likely to be in top form. Rajasthan Royals team has a combination of young players, who can try their best to win the game with hard work.


Sunrisers Hyderabad


If the Sunrisers Hyderabad team strengthens its hold in the beginning itself, then their team can be a strong contender to win. The strong position of Mars based on the stars inspires the team to move forward. However, due to Saturn's transit in the next season, Captain Pat Cummins may face challenges in making decisions but he can overcome the obstacles with hard work and determination.


Delhi Capitals


Mars in Aries gives inspiration and energy to Delhi Capitals captain Rishabh Pant, but Mercury retrograde can hamper his momentum. If Rishabh Pant leads the team neutrally and the team fully supports each other then it is not easy to defeat them. The partnership of good players in the team makes their team strong and this shows that Delhi Capitals will play an action-packed style of cricket.


Gujarat Titans


The team will get inspiration from the new captain of Gujarat Titans, Shubman Gill, but the dynamics of the team may change, hence the chances of winning IPL 2024 are less this time. Shubman Gill should take guidance from senior players and make full use of their leadership style and energy. The transit of Jupiter in 2024 will inspire him to move forward as a captain at a young age and this will be a better time for him.


Lucknow Super Giants


Under the leadership of captain KL Rahul, the Lucknow Super Giants team will have to improve its bowling to make its strong place. With the strong presence of Jupiter, Ravi Bishnoi whose zodiac sign is Pisces and K Gautam whose zodiac sign is Virgo both are opposite zodiac signs but if they get the balance right in playing then they can trouble the opposing batsmen with their bowling.


IPL Astrology 2024


The answer to who will win IPL in 2024 can be found in astrology predictions. Based on the current planetary positions in this season, there are high chances of any one of Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and Sunrisers Hyderabad winning. If there is a change in the position of the planets then other teams also have the potential to win.


Jupiter's position is strong in Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and Sunrisers Hyderabad teams. While Saturn encourages all these teams to focus and discipline. However, according to astrological prediction, this time CSK or RCB have more chances of winning IPL 24.

The position of Saturn shows that this time many new players can make a strong place for themselves in the IPL. However, only the position of the planets and stars will tell which team will be the winner of IPL 2024, because the game of cricket is full of unexpected surprises.


Based on IPL 2024 Astrological Prediction, it can be said that this is the time for the emergence of new faces, and some new players may get rewarded. Experienced players like Mahendra Singh Dhoni, David Warner, Surya Kumar Yadav, and Virat Kohli can support the new and emerging players. This time, due to the influence of Saturn, many teams may have to face problems but their hard work will definitely bring them success.

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