Joe Biden: What heavenly bodies has to say about Biden’s Presidency on his Birthday? (Birthday is: 20th November 1942 )

By Astro Friend Chirag – Blessed Son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla

Joe Biden, the newly elected 46th President of United States of America has come long way after serving his country as a Vice President for eight years and is looked up by American people to make America united and compatible nation.

Let us see what astrology has to say about him while his Presidency creates hope around:

Not only his hard work and determination was strong but also he found himself in good hands of fortune. We saw Jupiter and Saturn taking path towards Aquarius which gave sign of Biden winning as Aquarius suggested coming of Democratic Government.

Biden’s sign is Scorpio and he is a Ruler. He will bring greater good to his country as his stars shows that his emotional strengths and psychological capabilities are on way of increasing.

According to his zodiac, his passionate, loyal and ambitious nature will America create new relationships with neighbouring country.

According to me, there is risk of backstabbing and hence he will have to look twice in the basket of people he may trust.

He is a man with Taurus moon, someone who is grounded and rational and has very strong will power and hence his competitors will have hard time.

Sagittarius as his rising sign, he will be looked upon as progressive.

His Scorpion Sun will set him inclined towards justice and hence make transformations which will write history.

He will be someone who won't jump to conclusions about national security or any crucial issues and rather understand every tiny detail before giving his words as his birth during a waxing moon in Taurus suggests.

His emotional balance and passionate nature can be clearly signified by the presence of moon in the fifth house of his chart.

His Sagittarius ascendant assures us of him being someone who would hold up nationalism.

The position of Virgo and ruling of Mercury makes his decision power trustworthy which says he won't rule with harsh fist but with judgement.

The energies released by the transition of stars around his horoscope suggest that major undertakings would take place around his tenure of career and his glory would be celebrated.

Transition of nodes of destiny in the ninth house will shift his efforts on global relations, idea of World as a family.

Saying this, the cosmic positions of heavenly bodies says that his Presidency will restore the faith of Americans in the government as someone who looks upon them with good intentions. Lastly I am sure the relationship between India and USA will become stronger in the coming future.

I wish him all the very best in life on the occasion of the birthday of President Joe Biden.

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