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Venus Retrograde - Planet Venus In Retrograde

Venus Retrograde - Planet Venus In Retrograde

In astrology, Venus retrograde 2025 is an event that occurs every 18 months. It lasts for six weeks and is believed to give some of you a chance to revisit the hidden, unwanted, and vulnerable emotions of your life, while others may enjoy it as the best time of your life. According to astrology, the planet Venus represents self-respect, luxury, comfort, prosperity, marital bliss, and sexual pleasure. For those who have Venus in an auspicious position in their birth chart, such a time makes the person more cheerful, sociable and likes to be surrounded by love. If such planet Venus starts moving in the opposite direction from its normal path, then this situation is called retrograde.

What is Venus Retrograde?

Venus gradually slows down its speed before turning retrograde. We mark the time as the retrograde zone when Venus begins to slow down. Moving slowly until Venus comes to a stable state, that is until it starts its reverse motion, it is called direct. It is also important to know that Venus stops for some time before moving in reverse motion.

Here show the time at which Venus stops and starts moving in the opposite direction. Venus becomes direct when Venus starts moving from the reverse direction to the direct direction. Before turning direct, Venus gradually reduces its retrograde motion and stops in one position before turning direct. After stopping it gradually regains its normal speed. We show the time here as Venus begins its slow motion after stopping, although it takes some more time for Venus to regain its full speed and leave its retrograde zone.

Venus Retrograde 2025 Date

Venus Retrograde Pisces: 02 March 2025, Sunday 06:04 am

Venus In Retrograde What Does It Mean

Venus retrograde is a position in astrology and it is the brightest and most beautiful planet among the nine planets. When Venus is retrograde, different types of qualities are transmitted within the person. Due to retrograde Venus, the person does not socialize with people and prefers to stay alone. Also, when it is retrograde, the person stays away from comforts and family life and sometimes even starts thinking about becoming a monk. The auspicious position of Venus in the horoscope makes life happy and loving, whereas when it is retrograde, happiness starts decreasing. When Venus is retrograde, there is unrest and distress in married life and skin-related diseases persist. If retrograde Venus is present in a woman's horoscope, it makes her aggressive. Such women usually control their boyfriend or husband and do not leave him even after the relationship ends.

Venus Retrograde 2025 Signs Affected


During Venus's retrograde motion, Aries will need more freedom than usual, and their romantic and friendly relationships may deteriorate due to fights. Generally, Venus retrograde horoscope holders easily attract people of the opposite sex and due to this also become infamous.


Taurus will selfishly express their feelings and reflectivity and may even suffer from sick jealousy. Due to retrograde Venus, people show off a lot and because of showing off, they also spend a lot of money.


Venus retrograde gives Gemini people a new perspective and inspires them to run away from all their responsibilities. This is likely to spoil their relationship. Due to the person being adulterous and having a colorful temper, his respect in society decreases. There is always trouble from the enemy side and property is also destroyed.


Cancer's need for emotional security, so they may become possessive or even suffocate with everyone close to them. If there is an influence of Mars on retrograde Venus then the person's attachment towards his family decreases and intellectual development is hampered.


Leo needs is willing to do anything to woo and find love. On the other hand, if everything does not go according to plan, they may play dirty. Due to retrograde Venus, the person is also homosexual but has to face failure in love life.


Virgo people will have less self-confidence and their shyness will increase. Due to this their personal development slows down considerably. Due to retrograde Venus, people keep causing physical pain to others.


During this period, Libra will be in full bloom, although these natives will have to make sure to protect their delicate hearts. Such people do not have complete loyalty and trust towards their partner in their love life and married life. These people are more interested in money and extramarital affairs.


More passionate and fiery than ever, Scorpio does not hesitate to do anything to seduce and satisfy their bestial desires. However, Scorpio's jealousy will increase. If Venus is retrograde then the person may die due to some disease or animal bite.


The desire for freedom will inspire Sagittarius to take flight. Hence love relationships are not given privilege and passion is put aside, while intellectual relationships are given privilege.


Unfortunately, Venus retrograde won't help Capricorns talk about their feelings. They will not even make any effort to reach out to others. These people participate in religious activities, donations, and yagya just for show but they do not have positivity in their minds.


During this period, Aquarius feels that their power of seduction has increased tenfold, yet these natives continue to advocate love without commitment and unconditionally. Retrograde Venus in this house brings promotion, honor, and glory to the person.


People of Pisces will find it difficult to remain calm during Venus retrograde. They will be willing to go with the first person who takes a second look at them. The natives fail to accumulate wealth. The person has problems with bile and phlegm.


When Venus is retrograde, it comes into the retrograde zone and starts slowing down. It begins to move slowly backward and forward before coming to rest. As it is known, Venus remains stationary for some time before moving in a retrograde direction. When Venus moves in the reverse direction then this time is important which is mentioned for the calculations. When Venus is progressive, it starts moving forward. It remains in the retrograde zone until it reaches full speed. When Venus starts moving in a forward direction this time is important and is mentioned for calculations. If you want to know more about Venus retrograde then you can get information by talk to astrologer.

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