Sun Transit in Scorpio

Sun Transit in Scorpio


In astrology, the Sun God is considered the ruler of the planets. The Sun is worshiped as a direct God, which is why it is also called the cause of the soul. The sun god is considered to be the factor of the Lagna house and the tenth house of the horoscope. The person in whom the Sun God is in an exalted position gets success in every field. The effect of the movement of planets and constellations can be clearly seen in a person's life. On November 16, 2024, the Sun God will enter Scorpio. All the 12 zodiac signs will be affected due to the transit of the Sun in Scorpio, but there are some special zodiac signs on which this transit is going to have an auspicious effect. From astrological predictions, let us know which zodiac signs are likely to become rich due to the transit of the Sun in Scorpio.


Sun Transit in Scorpio 2024


Sun Transit in Scorpio 16th November 2024



Ganesha says that the transit of the Sun is creating Santana Yoga for newly married people. People associated with jobs and businesses have to be aware of their work. Negligence can cause loss. There will be an increase in position and prestige, but there can be ups and downs in life. You can achieve success with your hard work and dedication. During this transit period, you will spend a pleasant time with your family, travel will also become a coincidence.


Ganesha says that time is favorable for jobs and business due to the effect of the Sun. Efforts to get any government job will be successful. Have a soft attitude towards your spouse in married life. There will be a dispute due to the bitterness of things. On the economic front too, this transit will be very beneficial for you. During this, you will get positive results from your hard work at the workplace. There will be benefits for opposite-sex friends and relatives.


Ganesha says that whatever plan is made for success in a job or business, it will prove to be successful. The dream of a job or study abroad can be fulfilled. You will benefit from travel. Health has to be taken care of. During this, those who do business related to the property are likely to get profit. 


Ganesha says that the transit of the Sun will strengthen your financial side. There is a possibility of success in the field of work. You will be happy to get back the loaned money. If you want to do any new work, do it, don't think, time is favorable. This period will also be favorable in terms of investment. During this, you will benefit from the investment. At this time you can improve your influence and position in the field. Efforts made at this time in the economic sector will be successful.


Ganesha says that the change in the Sun's zodiac sign is going to make you cautious. Drive properly at the time of travel, accidents can happen. Goods may be stolen or some sad news may be received. Actually, this transit will affect the sentiments related to finance. That's why during this time the Sun will move to Scorpio, you will get many opportunities to save money.


Ganesha says that this transit of the Sun is going to give you success even in difficult situations. This will be possible with your hard work and courage. If you are going to do some work, do not tell anyone about it. Work with secrecy, you will be successful. Also, during this time you will get full support from the family. Not only this, during this time if you make any investment together with your partner, then it will give you a good profit.


Ganesha says that disputes should be avoided in the workplace. This can be harmful to you. A new proposal can be found in business or job. Stay away from disputes in the family. Take care of your health. You may get success and popularity through your work and business.


Ganesha says that the transit of the Sun is in this zodiac sign. Because of this, due to the influence of the Sun, you will get success in your work. Position, prestige, fame, and fame will increase. Time is favorable for the government job. However, during this time health problems can bother you. Not only this, today your respect will increase. Those who are sick during this time their health will improve. During, take full advantage of this period to keep yourself healthy.


Ganesha says that the change in the Sun's zodiac sign will prove to have a mixed effect on you. You will win over your opponents. The decision in the court case can come in your favor. During this time your income will not be good. On the professional front too, this period is going to prove very favorable for you.


Ganesha says that due to the effect of the Sun, you will be successful in the field of work. Whatever worries you have in your mind regarding your children, they will go away. There will be a lack of enthusiasm in married life or love life. Will get the support of the family in the works. During this time your progress and promotion can be seen. Not only this, your successful leadership will be appreciated at the workplace. During this, you will get the full support of your mother.


Ganesha says that with the grace of the Sun God, you will get profit in business. At this time, if you want to buy a new vehicle or want to buy a house or flat, then you will be successful in that. It is a good time to try for a government job. During this, you will get the full support of your father and gurus. Not only this but during this time your father will give you full support on the financial front as well. During this time your interest is going to be more toward spirituality.



Ganesha says that due to the influence of the Sun, the mind will be engaged in religious activities. There will be an opportunity to participate in worship and auspicious activities. Will actively participate in social work. This will give you mental satisfaction. Your decisions will be appreciated. Can get any government job. During the Sun transit, the students of Pisces who are planning to study abroad can get success in their plans.

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