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Saturn Retrograde - Planet Saturn In Retrograde

Saturn Retrograde - Planet Saturn In Retrograde

Saturn retrograde plays a very important role in Vedic astrology. Saturn is considered the lord of work and success. Many people have myths about the planet Saturn and they are afraid of it. They feel this will only bring pain and suffering which is not right. If Saturn blesses someone then the person can enjoy all the happiness of life. You might be wondering what impact Saturn's retrograde movement will have on various aspects of life.

What is Saturn Retrograde?

Saturn retrograde has great importance in Vedic astrology. Saturn has been said to be the giver of justice and karma. Generally, people have a fear of Saturn in their minds. People believe that Saturn always causes trouble but this is not true. If a person is blessed by Saturn then he becomes a king from a pauper. In such a situation, what will happen if Saturn changes its move? What consequences can Saturn retrograde (Saturn Retrograde 2024) bring to a person? Will learn about it.

Saturn Retrograde Date

Saturn Retrograde: 30 June 2024, Sunday at 12:33 pm
Saturn Direct: 04 February 2025, Friday at 07:50 pm

Saturn In Retrograde What Does It Mean

Saturn retrograde means that due to the retrograde movement of the planet, some important events and changes are going to happen in our lives. It is considered an inauspicious planet, but its effect can be both positive and negative depending on its position in the individual's horoscope.

Saturn Retrograde Signs Affected

Shani Dev, who holds the position of God of Justice in astrology, will now move in the opposite direction i.e. he is going to move retrograde. This movement of Shanidev can affect almost all zodiac signs. Let us know what effect Saturn's retrograde will have on various zodiac signs.


Lord Shani will be retrograde in the 11th house of your zodiac sign. This will be a time for you to recognize your friends. Your social prestige will increase, but anti-social activities will cause immediate loss. Your income may increase.


For you, the position of Shani Dev will be in the 10th house. Due to their retrograde movement, you may have to face some problems in the workplace. However, during this time you will get the fruits of your hard work.


Saturn will be retrograde in the fortune place in Gemini. This time will move away from luck and become karma-oriented. You can also undertake a short religious journey. During this time, you should focus on improving your relationship with your father.


For Cancer, Shani Dev will be retrograde in the eighth house. We have to be very careful this time. You will have to use vehicles or electrical equipment very carefully. Care must be taken to ensure that differences within the family do not escalate.


Due to Saturn retrograde for Leo, differences may increase in business and with life partners. However, you will benefit on many occasions. You may remain egoistic during this period. You remain silent and just concentrate on your work.


Saturn's retrograde movement will be generally fruitful for Virgo. During this time, some old diseases may emerge or opponents may become more active. It would be better if you try to keep your relationships strong and not be influenced by what people say.


For Libra, Saturn will be retrograde in the fifth house. This feeling is related to love and education. During this period, you may have to face some problems in your love life. Students will benefit in the research field, but avoid wasting time on social media.


Shani Dev will be retrograde in your fourth house. If you want to buy land or a flat etc. during this period then wait for a while. A sudden increase in investment will not be good for you. You will get your mother's blessings.


Saturn's retrograde movement will bring good changes in the lives of Sagittarius people. Colleagues in the office will fully support you. Your influence will increase in the workplace. You will have a good time with friends. Sweetness will increase in love relationships and your relationships with family members will become stronger.


Shani Dev will be retrograde in the second house for you. During this period, control your speech. You may get financial benefits and will also get support from family members. Be careful while using vehicles etc.


Shani Dev is going to be retrograde in your zodiac sign. This will be a time of introspection for you. Although your long pending work may get completed, do not give up patience and hard work.


Shani Dev will be retrograde in the twelfth house from your zodiac sign. During this period, you may get success in foreign-related work. However, some old diseases may bother you again. Opponents will not trouble you much.


People consider Saturn retrograde as inauspicious because if it is not auspicious then there will be obstacles in all your work and none of your work will be completed on time. You will have to suffer the most loss. When Saturn is retrograde, it becomes more powerful and its influence on the zodiac signs increases significantly. The people of the zodiac signs on which it affects have to face mental and physical problems. If you want to know more about the Saturn retrograde then you can get information by talk to astrologer.

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