Moon Transit in Scorpio

Moon Transit in Scorpio

In January to Dcember 2024, Moon is transiting in the sign of Mars, Scorpio. The Moon, the lord of the Cancer sign, stays in any zodiac sign only for two and a half days. Its movement is considered the fastest among all the planets. According to the astrological prediction, the people of Aries will have equality in income and expenditure. The people of Taurus will get freedom from their worries. Gemini sign people will be able to earn more wealth than expected. The people of the Cancer zodiac should keep pace with their life partner. Leo signs people will get support from friends. Virgo sign people should do their work with full confidence. People of the Libra zodiac will remain happy in their minds. For Scorpio people, this transit will bring an increase in accumulated capital. The people of Sagittarius will be a victim of fatigue and laziness. Capricorn sign people have to be careful about their fitness. This is the best day of the week for Aquarius people. Pisces sign people should stay away from the wasteful expenditure. Through this blog, let us know how the transit of the Moon in Scorpio will affect other zodiac signs.


Moon Transit in Scorpio 2024


Moon transit in Scorpio 5th January 2024


Moon transit in Scorpio 1st February 2024


Moon transit in Scorpio 28th February 2024


Moon transit in Scorpio 27th March 2024


Moon transit in Scorpio 23rd April 2024


Moon transit in Scorpio 20th May 2024


Moon transit in Scorpio 17th June 2024


Moon transit in Scorpio 14th July 2024


Moon transit in Scorpio 10th August 2024


Moon transit in Scorpio 6th September 2024


Moon transit in Scorpio 4th October 2024


Moon transit in Scorpio 31st October 2024


Moon transit in Scorpio 27th November 2024


Moon transit in Scorpio 25th December 2024




Ganesha says that during this transit your money will be spent more and your income will be less. This time will be equal for your income and business. There will definitely be a change in love relationships. Long journeys can be canceled. For students, their classmates will help them in their studies. If you are planning to buy a house, keep it in abeyance during this time. Life partners will get full support in any decision.




Ganesha says that your work situation will improve. You will get rid of your problems. Some were running in confusion regarding careers, a new way will be found for that. You will get the support of such influential people who can improve your work status. Don't take any decisions emotionally. Students will be concentrated on their study work. Married life will remain favorable.




Ganesha says that this transit will be auspicious for you. Golden success is visible in every work. Stuck works will be completed. But in married life, the relationship with the partner can deteriorate. That's why stay away from controversy. Health will be normal but there will be some mental problems. People suffering from joint pain for a long time will improve their health.




Ganesha says that the long-term plans of the people doing business will get a boost. Time is not auspicious to invest. Today you will get relief to a great extent from the problems going on in the family. Students studying abroad can get a chance. Today will be a sweet day for love affairs. For people associated with partnership businesses, this time is favorable for expanding new schemes.




Ganesha says that time is good to get the support of a life partner. Do not blindly trust anyone in business, otherwise, there may be a problem. Time is favorable for studying abroad. Employed class is expected to get progress with new tasks. This time is best for increasing ancestral deposits. But not auspicious for investment. Be careful in the matter of eating and drinking, otherwise, there may be a problem of stomach pain or acidity.




Ganesha says that this transit is auspicious for the student to get success in the examination. Employed people will do their work with full confidence. You have to avoid spending your money on the affair of pride. With the changing weather, the problem of cold and flu can bother you. Family life will remain happy and enthusiastic. Business people will go on a long journey for the purpose of progress in their business.




Ganesha says that this time is going to be mixed and fruitful. You may plan to do some business in partnership, but your plan will not be successful. You can bring a gift for your life partner. Those who are working in politics will have to try their hand at some new work only after asking a big leader. Will participate in any family or social festival. Sportspeople get honors or medals for the best performance in their sports.




Ganesha says that the effect of the Moon transiting in your zodiac sign will relieve you from stress and problems. You will be happy with your family and friends. You may participate in a social event or family function. Will buy a new vehicle or can get money from the property. Your relationship with your partner will remain auspicious. Today is the best day to increase your accumulated capital. Health will remain good, there are no signs of illness.




Ganesha says that during this transit, you will be a victim of fatigue and laziness. Completion of a task will increase confidence. A difficult decision taken by you in the workplace will make you work hard. One has to work hard to get money. Relations in married life will remain sweet. Will get to hear some good news from the children too. Students will be successful in fulfilling their objectives. Take special care of your health, there are signs of some diseases.




Ganesha says that this transit is going to be good from the point of view of luck. Today you will try your hand at some extraordinary work with enthusiasm and courage. Businessmen will also do some short trips. The economic condition will be satisfied. Chronic pain can bother you, so be a little careful about your health. If you are planning to renovate the house then postpone it. Your relationship may get strained due to any dispute with your life partner.




Ganesha says that this time is indicating an increase in fortune and progress in the business. Definitely, you will get respect in society. There are definitely possibilities of promotion benefits for employed people. This time is not favorable for investing in speculation. A friend of yours can come to your house for a feast. Overall, the day will be happy for you. It will be good if all important decisions are taken carefully.




Ganesha says that your expenditure will be more than your income. Curb the rising expenses of your household, then it will be better for you. Any loss of your younger siblings may have to be compensated. There can be a situation of bitterness in the relationship with your spouse. Therefore, control your speech and avoid unnecessary debates, otherwise, the environment of your home may get affected. Will not be auspicious for investment work. A situation of mental stress can arise, so focus on meditation, exercise, and yoga.

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