Moon Transit in Leo

Moon Transit in Leo

Moon will be transiting in Leo in January to December 2024, which is the main sign of the planet Sun. According to astrological predictions, Aries sign people can buy plots or houses during this time. The people of the Taurus zodiac will get success by taking courage. Gemini sign people can invest money in a new house. Cancer sign people will earn more money during this period. There will be a decrease in the confidence of Leo sign people. The respect of the people of the Virgo zodiac will increase in respect. The business of Libra sign people will expand. The people of the Scorpio zodiac will get success in academic studies. Sagittarius sign people will get opportunities to help someone in need. Capricorn sign people will receive gifts from their partners. Aquarius sign people will get good news from their children. Improvement will be established in the love relationship of Pisces sign people. We will know through this blog what will be the effect on the twelve zodiac signs due to the transit of the Moon in Leo.


Moon Transit in Leo 2024


Moon transit in Leo 25th January 2024 


Moon transit in Leo 21st February 2024 


Moon transit in Leo 19th March 2024 


Moon transit in Leo 15th April 2024


Moon transit in Leo 13th May 2024


Moon transit in Leo 9th June 2024


Moon transit in Leo 6th July 2024


Moon transit in Leo 3rd August 2024


Moon transit in Leo 30th August 2024


Moon transit in Leo 24th September 2024


Moon transit in Leo 21st October 2024


Moon transit in Leo 18th November 2024


Moon transit in Leo 15th December 2024




Ganesha says that during this transit, you will get more benefits from both society and the family, due to which the mutual harmony of the family will remain. Money can be received from some secret sources and if you want to buy a house or plot, then it will definitely be a profitable deal for you. You will get the support of your life partner in all areas of life. This time is favorable for the student class to achieve success.




Ganesha says that you need to work hard. You have to struggle a lot to achieve any objective. You will be successful in your work with your dexterity and tireless efforts. You will have cordial relations with your family members and they will also support you. Happiness will remain in the relationship of lovers. This is not a good time to invest in any new business. Special care has to be taken for your health and fitness.




Ganesha says that this is an auspicious time for you to collect and invest. If you want to invest in any new property then this time will be good. Any desired guest will arrive in the family. Be patient in your speech. Time is auspicious for making progress in education. The decision may be in your favor for ancestral inheritance. Do exercise or yoga to stay healthy and fit.




Ganesha says that there is a yoga of progress in the field. Business people will do their work with confidence and will earn a lot of names. If you do a job then your officers will be happy with you. Unmarried people expect marriage proposals from their relatives or neighbors. Your relationship with your spouse will be pleasant. There are chances of getting bile disease during this period.




Ganesha says that this transit will bring wealth to the people who are Leo. There are chances of getting big profits in business. Be careful in the matter of food or else stomach diseases can disturb you. Your spouse may get angry with you due to some trouble in married life. Business class people will get opportunities to go on a long journey, the result of which will not be promising.




Ganesha says that this time will be auspicious. This time is favorable for studying abroad. There may be a magnification in joint pain. Will be involved in religious work with your spouse. There is a sum increase in the common grain. There may be a change in job. Due to your generous nature, you will get respect and respect in society.




Ganesha says that you will get respect and cooperation from your officers. Businessmen will earn good profits by expanding their businesses. For those who are associated with art, cultural things, etc., time is also going to be favorable for them. Your partner will be happy and satisfied. Take special care of your children's health. You may get more wealth from other sources.




Ganesha says that there is a possibility of achieving success for you. There will be an increase in happiness and there will be profit from the purchase of new things. Be careful about your health at this time as medical expenses may increase. Your relationship with your spouse will be suitable. Time will be good for family life, as you will enjoy your good relations with your elder siblings. With this, you will also get their cooperation in accomplishing your goal.




Ganesha says that you will be able to get the money that has been stuck for a long time. For those who are thinking of changing jobs, this period will be good for them. You will be happy because of the best outcomes. Do help the needy people. Be careful while driving there. Do not take any impetuous decisions out of emotion. This transit is favorable from the point of view of health.




Ganesha says that you will go for a picnic with the family. If you are planning to get married to your lover, then you may have to wait for some time now. In the case of health, there is a possibility of some secret disease or urinary disease. Your performance at the workplace will improve, due to which your officers will also praise you openly. Especially for the business people, the period is going to be beneficial, because during this time they will get successful in earning good profits.




Ganesha says that some good news will be received from the children. Married natives are likely to have differences or disputes with their spouses due to some misunderstanding. In economic life, the period is also inauspicious for taking any kind of loan or loan from the market. Relationship with life partner will be good. Mental stress can remain during this period, so do yoga and meditation regularly.




Ganesha says that opponents will be active and more powerful in the workplace, due to which you will need to be careful. Love relationships will increase. You will do your work with utmost sincerity, intelligence, and sincerity. You can invest in a house or land on this day because today is your lucky day. Students will be busy in their study work with concentration. Business people will have to work harder than usual during this period to get good opportunities.

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