Mercury Transit in Scorpio

Mercury Transit in Scorpio


Mercury will reach Scorpio on 29th October. Mercury coming in the sign of Mars and conjunct with Venus here will not only benefit the people of Scorpio but there are many other zodiac signs who will get benefit from it. Due to the association of Venus with Mercury, wealth-prosperous Lakshmi Narayan Yoga will also be formed in Scorpio. So according to astrological predictions, let us know which zodiac signs are going to get benefit from the arrival of Mercury in Scorpio.


Mercury Transit in Scorpio 2024


Mercury Transit in Scorpio 29th October 2024



Ganesha says that you will not do any work without thinking, first, you will assess the result. It will be better if you don't try to change your place of worship in the next 1 month. Therefore, to avoid the inauspicious results of Mercury and to ensure auspicious results, keep the whole moong in an earthen vessel and put a lid on it, seal the lid with flour, and drown it in flowing water.


Ganesha says that this transit of Mercury will pave the way for you to travel abroad. The power of your pen will increase and you will prove to be very helpful to others. There is also a possibility that during this time you will do good for your family. At the time when this transit is happening, your Mercury is auspicious, not inauspicious.


Ganesha says that your pocket will be full, but you will continue to enjoy the poverty of a beggar. If you earn money by speaking or are a teacher, then this is the time of Raj Yoga for you, but the thing to be careful of is that if the main door of your house is in the north direction, then this transit of Mercury can give you pain. If the main door of your house is in the north direction and during this time you have to travel in the north direction, then travel by taking Mercury Yantra with you.


Ganesha says that if you are a student, then this month you will take good tuition for studies, if you are a married householder, then you will get a chance for an extramarital relationship. During this transit of Mercury, you will get this supernatural power that if you say something to someone through your mouth, it will happen to him. But keep in mind that if you give good to others, you will get thrice as good results in the future. You can use this opportunity to destroy your enemies, but keep in mind that your misery will be tripled.


Ganesha says that with the effect of this transit, you can get government respect. You will benefit from your aunt and uncle. At this time you have a strong chance of buying your car. You can also buy and sell. But opposing your mother and unwanted behavior from your mother can harm you. You should avoid misusing your sister's money. Such a situation can reduce your confidence label.


Ganesha says that this will improve your image. Your speech and your writing will enhance your work. Your friends and relatives will receive your blessings. If you are a doctor, then in the meanwhile you will get some special success. Due to this, you will get some great respect in future.


Ganesha says that you will benefit financially from the effect of this transit of Mercury. Your image will be made of a hardworking and skilled speaker. You may also have trouble getting the happiness of a child. You will continue to get all possible help from the in-law's side. There is a possibility of loss in activities like gambling or betting.


Ganesha says that during this time you will be happy and spend time happily. Along with this, you will also get benefits in your career. You must be imaginative. Your words will have a good effect on people. You will attract everyone towards you with your ability and art. During this transit, you will be soft-spoken and humorous. With the good influence of Mercury, your honor and prestige will increase. You will be safe even in the midst of enemies.


Ganesha says that this transit of Mercury is inauspicious for you, but fortunately, Mercury is asleep. You will get a lot of wealth during this time, but if you have made a false promise to someone, then suddenly the expenses can also increase. The work done after thinking carefully and making a strategy will definitely give you good results. You will get the benefit of ancestral property. You can get some secret knowledge during this time.


Ganesha says that this transit of Mercury will help in removing any obstacle in the marriage of your child. Mercury's works like- artwork, painting, or teaching will be beneficial. If your business is also abroad, then during this time you will get profit. This transit of Mercury will also make you skilled. If you are in a government job, then this transit of Mercury will give you good profits. You will also get benefits from legal work. This transit of Mercury will make you shy. It is better not to befriend anyone during this time. Old friends can also cause loss.


Ganesha says that due to the effect of this transit, your relationship with your life partner will be good. Your living will be in a better way. You will get the full support of luck even in difficult situations. Along with this, your income will increase and your father will also progress. During this, you will remain tactful. With this transit of Mercury, you will be a top-class flatterer and well-mannered. If you do the work of writing, editor or you are a contractor, then you will get monetary benefits. This transit of Mercury will make you travel by sea or abroad.


Ganesha says that with this transit of Mercury, you may face some difficulty in making a fortune. The expenditure of wealth can increase. You are also likely to travel abroad away from your birthplace. If you have a tongue twister, then the transit of Mercury will have a bad effect on you. If the things in your house like the radio, and clocks are defective, then get them out of the house immediately. During this, you will have to face difficulties at every step due to cheating.

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