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Mercury Retrogrades in Leo - 24th August 2023

Mercury Retrogrades in Leo - 24th August 2023

Mercury is going to retrograde in Sun's exalted sign Leo. Today we are going to talk about those zodiac signs which will be beneficial due to the retrograde of Mercury. There will be a boom in careers and during this time many excellent opportunities are required. Know through astrology predictions whether your zodiac sign is also one of these.




Ganesha says that the people of Aries will start getting favorable results in their life due to retrograde Mercury. Excellent career opportunities can come and can get better incentives in the meantime. Progress will also be seen in business. There will be a lot of family responsibilities on you, but you will fulfill them all with your understanding. Some difficulties may have to be faced in a love relationship. There can be a quarrel with the marrow partner.




Ganesha says that retrograde Mercury can bring difficulties in the life of Taurus people. There can be financial problems. There can be a dispute with colleagues at the workplace. Those looking forward to progress in the job may have to wait for now. Love life and family life is going to be a bit confusing. Avoid financial transactions during this time. You will be able to save a good amount of this money and will control wasteful expenditure to a great extent.




Ganesha says that this situation is going to be beneficial for Gemini people. With the strength of hard work, you will start getting progress and your relations with high officials in the office will be better than before. Businessmen can make a profitable deal. This can bring new life to their occupation. Talking about relationships, the retrograde of Mercury can bring happiness to your love life. In the meantime, you can also buy a new house or a new vehicle.




Ganesha says that Cancerians may face problems in professional life due to the retrograde motion of Mercury. Your expenses may increase during this period. People trying to change jobs will have to wait for now. Ups and downs are possible in love relationships. Talking about your health, you may have mental stress. 




Ganesha says that this time will be favorable for Leo people and they will get the full support of luck. Will achieve immense success in career. In your career, you will get positive results in every respect. Those who were trying for a long time to go abroad can also get success. Your wealth condition will also improve and your bank balance will also increase. There will be mellowness in family life and there will be peace in a love relationship. Soundness will be better and you will be done with every task with great enthusiasm. 




Ganesha says that the retrograde of Mercury in Leo can be good for the natives of Virgo. During this period, the natives of Virgo can get financial benefits. This transit can be quite smooth in the field of career. The natives of Virgo can also get new job opportunities. The people who are doing business can also get a high level of profit. Talking about the economic side, the position of Mercury in the ninth house can provide new sources of income to the natives.




Ganesha says that retrograde Mercury in the field of career can give highly efficient results and also show your high progress in the job. During this, there is a strong possibility of getting a promotion. Some natives may get opportunities abroad which can provide growth and development for them. These people can also get promotions and other incentives. The people who are doing business can get high profits.




Ganesha says that the position of retrograde Mercury will be called inauspicious for the people of Scorpio. There can be problems from side children. There will be problems in professional life. There can be differences between spouses. Spend the money very thoughtfully. You are expected to earn currency as well as benefit from the paternal property.




Ganesha says that there can be a pleasant change in the life of Sagittarius people due to Mercury being retrograde. You can possibilities to get promotion in the job. Income may increase. New responsibilities can be found. Can go on long-distance travel. You will get positive results.




Ganesha says that retrograde Mercury will prove troublesome for the people of Capricorn. During this, you may suffer a loss of money. There will be problems in professional life. You may have to wait to get the fruits of your hard work. There can be little stress between husband and wife. You will have a better time with the family members and a plan can also be made to go somewhere with the kids during the holidays. 




Ganesha says that retrograde Mercury for Aquarius indicates progress in life. You are expected to get special achievements in your career. The work for which you were processed for a long time, the finish of that work will give you happiness and your self-confidence will be strong. Your communication with the partner will be better and there will be prosperity in the family as well. Health will be good, but some problems related to skin infection may have to be faced.




Ganesha says that for the people of Pisces, Mercury being retrograde is considered to give special success in their career. During this, chances of your promotion are also being created and a job call can also come from somewhere. Talking about the economic situation, your savings will increase during this period and you can get profit from foreign sources in the business. Although your expenses may increase in the meantime, these expenses will be such that they cannot be avoided.

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