Mars Transit in Taurus

Mars Transit in Taurus


On July 12, 2024, Mars is leaving Aries and entering Taurus. In Vedic astrology, Mars is the factor of energy, brother, land, power, courage, bravery, and bravery. It is believed that the person who has a good position of Mars in his horoscope achieves success in every field along with being courageous and fearless. This transit of Mars is good for some zodiac signs and can create a stir in the lives of many zodiac signs. Know which zodiac signs need to be cautious. According to astrological predictions, whenever a planet changes or retrogrades, its direct effect is seen on human life and on Earth. Also, this zodiac change is positive for some and negative for others. Let us know through this blog what will be the effect on the twelve zodiac signs due to the path of Mars.


Mars Transit in Taurus 2024


Mars Transit in Taurus 12th July 2024



Ganesha says that the transiting effect of Mars will be quite mixed for the people of Aries. Financially there will be growth, but due to family differences, do not let the situation of separatism arise. Money stuck for a long time is also expected to be returned. Do not lend more money to anyone in the middle of this period, otherwise, the money given will not be returned to you at the time of need. There will be some upheaval in marital existence. It would be prudent to settle matters related to the court outside. Health will remain good.


Ganesha says that the effect of Mars will be very beneficial while transiting in Taurus. There will be chances of you going on a long-distance journey. There may be chances of transfer or promotion in the job. Time is very auspicious for you to complete any important plan in business. You may get some financial benefits. Students appearing in the competition will have to put more effort to score good marks in the examination. Sweetness will remain in married life. Health can be weak.


Ganesha says that while transiting in Gemini, Mars will make you face a lot of running and expenses. It would be prudent to avoid any kind of loan transactions during this period. Businessmen will get benefits from traveling abroad. This time will be favorable for the people trying for service or citizenship in foreign companies. Physical ailments like colds, coughs, etc. can trouble you. The decision in ancestral matters is a sign of coming in your favor.


Ganesha says that while transiting for Cancerians, Mars will make them face many unexpected ups and downs. There will be no problems related to wealth. There can be problems in married life. If you want to take any decision related to elections, then you will get full cooperation from the government. There are chances of success in business. There are chances of having children and influencing the new couple. Stress can increase due to mental illness, so do meditation or yoga. There will also be a possibility of traveling with the family.


Ganesha says that the transiting effect of Mars will be excellent for the people of this zodiac. There will be disputes in the field, yet time will be good in terms of success. Students preparing for competitive exams for government jobs will get good success. If you want to apply for any kind of tender etc., then this time will be favorable from that point of view. You may have to travel for expansion in business. Time is best for buying a house or vehicle. Diabetes patients may have some eye problems.


Ganesha says that while transiting, Mars will increase the interest of Virgo people in religion and spirituality. For expansion in business, you will get good money through multinational companies. This time will be full of ups and downs for my love life. Decisions and actions taken at the workplace will be appreciated. There will be sweetness in married life. Students and the students appearing in the competition will have to put more effort to bring good results in the examination. There is a probability of skin-related infection.


Ganesha says that the effect of Mars cannot be said to be very good while transiting for the people of the Libra zodiac, especially since there will be adverse effects on health. There will be an environment of peace in family life. Employing a job, they can get a new responsibility at work. Disputes related to ancestral property may deepen. If you are thinking of buying a house or vehicle, then this time is favorable. There can be a rift in married life about something. Old joint pain may increase further. Students requirement to focus on their studies.


Ganesha says that for the people of the Scorpio zodiac, the effect of Mars will be good from the point of view of business, but there may be a rift in married life. Unmarried people will have to wait a little longer. If you want to apply for any kind of tender in central or state government departments, then time will be favorable from that point of view. Do not trust or depend on anyone other than yourself in the workplace. Disputes related to plot property will be resolved. There is a chance of buying a house or a vehicle.


Ganesha says that Mars is on the way for the people of this zodiac is no less than a boon. There will be a profitable path in every way. There will be an excess of business-related trips and due to high expenditure, one may also have to face a financial crunch. There is the hope of getting back the money stuck somewhere. Avoid lending during this period otherwise, money will not be available on time. There will also be a possibility of headache and eye pain. Relations with the spouse will remain cordial. Employed people will have to be careful in the workplace.


Ganesha says that Mars in Capricorn will make you face many unexpected results. This time will be very favorable for students and students appearing in the competition. For the students of engineering and science, their effect is no less than a boon. There are also chances of having children and emergence for the new couple. There will be indifference in matters related to love. Be alert in the matter of eating and drinking, and take care of good food. This time will be best for taking matters of new business.


Ganesha says that despite the auspicious successes on the way, you will have to face family discord and mental disturbance somewhere. Therefore, pay special attention to meditation and yoga. Unpleasant information can be received from friends and relatives. Travel carefully, luggage is likely to be stolen. The decision related to property will be in your favor. If you are looking to choose a vehicle, then the opportunity will be favorable. There can be some romantic turns in married life. You may have to go on sudden trips in business.


Ganesha says that due to the effect of Mars, courage will increase for the people of Pisces. There will be support from family members, especially siblings and your ambitions and desires will be fulfilled. Auspicious time for the job. There will be progress in the work business. Will participate in social organizations and will also do charity. Will get the benefit of traveling abroad. The opportunity is favorable for students who are looking to try for foreign citizenship. There will be an environment of blissfulness in the house.

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