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Mars Transit in Scorpio

Mars Transit in Scorpio

Mars is considered to be a fierce planet by nature. Mars in the horoscope rules courage, self-confidence, and physical impulses. Famous surgeons also have a good position on Mars in their horoscope. People who are under the positive influence of Mars will have strong bodies and competitive spirits. They are mainly related to the science field, the army, the police department, the laboratory, etc. A person with afflicted Mars in the horoscope behaves fiercely and has a cruel tendency. Mars will transit in Scorpio on 16 December 2023. Through astrological predictions, let us know what effect Mars's transit in Scorpio will have on all zodiac signs.


Mars Transit in Scorpio 2023


Mars Transit in Scorpio 16th December 2023




Ganesha says that during this time there is a possibility of sudden loss or gain of any inheritance. You may face difficulties in achieving your goals during this transit. You may also feel that people who do not want to see you prosper are planning and plotting against you. Your family members may not understand you properly and you may be impatient with someone because of poor performance despite working hard. This in turn can lead to restlessness. During this, it is important for you to concentrate on your work and also take care of your health. Married couples may feel a lack of happiness in the relationship and they will not get desired response from their partner.




Ganesha says that to make married life blissful, you are advised to talk openly with your partner. This period is not very favorable for dealing with other people including the spouse. Your arrogant attitude can spoil relations. The economic condition can also be a cause for concern. Problems in life can make you furious and your speech and attitude will become harsh. Relations with the in-law's side can also get spoiled. You have to realize the potential of hard work and you will face all the challenges with courage and confidence. It is advised not to overload yourself with work. You should pay more attention to your family relations and you need to be careful while making friends. Students will need serious efforts to maintain focus in regular academics and they will be successful in going abroad for higher studies with their hard work and sincerity. In terms of health, your health condition will be normal and blood-related problems can trouble you.




Ganesha says that this transit will keep you full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Do not waste your energy in heated and unnecessary arguments. If this energy is converted into positive action, the results will be much better in your favor. You will get productive results from your hard work and efforts. You will be positive all the time to start a new business. Your luck is on your side and you need to be careful while giving your opinion to others. Students will be successful in competitive examinations. You can also start new career courses. This is a good time to start exercising daily.




Ganesha says that relations with family members will not be as per your expectations. You may face problems on your professional front. Financially you are advised to try to keep your expenses under control as later you may face difficulties in repaying your loans. Should take care of children's health, behavior, or performance. You will keep your surroundings positive and you will be able to improve your condition during the transit. There will be a soft conversation between you which will lead you toward success. Due to some misunderstanding in private, you may feel distant from your life partner. Hence you will need to keep your communication peaceful in matrimonial and family matters. On some occasions, there may be emotional upheaval due to the distance in your love relationship. Due to differences in love life, tension will remain. So you have to take the help of a third person to resolve the issues.




Ganesha says that in your personal life, this thing can be said to be as exciting for you as you spend a good time with your family. Things will start falling in your favor in professional and business life during this transit period. If you are buying a new car then this is an auspicious time. You will get profit in many investments. For students, there are chances that you may face some hurdles along the way so you should avoid joining a new course or pursuing a new degree. The health of the native will be average, but you may feel physically and mentally tired. So you need to avoid unnecessary stress and exercise for fitness.




Ganesha says that the transit of Mars will prove to be encouraging for you and it can also prove to be beneficial for you. This is the month when some of you may come up with inventive ideas to strengthen your career and financial position. Financially this period will give you good results and you will make progress in all your endeavors. Personally, your main concern will be your life partner. You will face problems in your relationship and you may come under stress if there is any debt, but this period will end soon. Be alert and careful when using any equipment. In married life, your family relations will be sweet and you can go on a short trip with your loved ones. Academic progress will improve during this transit and you may also enjoy a new course.




Ganesha says that during this transit, you may feel extreme aggression which may spoil the relationship with the person around you including your family member, friend circle and co-workers, etc. Marriage may get delayed due to unseen problems. Try to handle your relationship with respect and love. Those looking to go abroad for education or professional life will be happy to know that everything is in their favor. Your partner or life partner will give full support in your romantic life. 




Ganesha says to be careful while taking any decision regarding finance or investment. You may feel disappointed due to failure in your endeavor which may create jealousy and envy among others. This period will also create some problems in your financial matters. Some economic losses are also being seen. You may face situations at your workplace that may be a bit difficult to handle. Try to avoid business trips as they will not lead to the desired results. Your happiness will definitely increase during this transit period. This is a favorable time for buying property, a vehicle, or other materialistic things.




Ganesha says you will feel energetic but in most cases, anger can be a cause of trouble in your relationships with people close to you or in your social circle as well as friends. During this transit, you will have to keep a close eye on your enemies. Due to your aggressive attitude, married couples may have some misunderstandings, which can create disharmony in married life. You will face challenges and obstacles during this transit and there are chances that delays and confusion may arise. Respect and take care of your parents, and take extra care of your health.




Ganesha says that this transit will prove to be beneficial and will be able to give favorable results. This time is not favorable for lovers and some misunderstandings may arise in the relationship. Friends will prove to be helpful and family life will be pleasant and you can expect respect from them. Students who want to take admitted abroad will be successful during this period. Students may face some initial difficulties in joining a new course of study. However, you must be patient and are advised to keep trying sincerely. You need to follow strict discipline toward your health. There is a possibility of some seasonal health problems, so you should do regular health check-ups during this time.




Ganesha says that you will get successful in your endeavors during this transit, however, due to the transit of Mars, you may not be satisfied with your professional achievements. You will get full respect and recognition at your workplace, but you are being advised to be cautious at your workplace, because some people in the workplace may plan illegally against you. This is the right time to work on the expression of your thoughts. 




Ganesha says to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly to keep yourself fit. Traveling with your life partner will bring freshness to your married life. Finances will be stable and you can think of long-term investments. Students can expect the best performance in academics. This is a favorable phase to join your training or course. Your healthy living will help you to upgrade your social status. This time is favorable for traveling abroad with your spouse. There may be an increase in pleasures and you are also expected to make gains from higher investments.

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