Mars Transit in Sagittarius

Mars Transit in Sagittarius

The transit of Mars in Sagittarius is an important astrological event. Mars which is considered to be a malefic, exploration ie discovery, adventure, and creativity planet will transit in Sagittarius on 28th December. Mars becomes very influential in Sagittarius, in such a situation it brings big changes in the life of all the natives. The transit of Mars in Sagittarius fills the natives with the energy to do their work properly and on time with complete dedication. It does not matter what is the zodiac sign of the natives and during this time the sense of responsibility regarding personal and professional life prevails within each native. This transit enriches the natives in terms of outlook as during this time they do not trust anything until the necessary facts and figures are present in front of them to prove its authenticity. According to astrological predictions, let us know how the transit of Mars in Sagittarius will affect other zodiac signs.


Mars Transit in Sagittarius 2023


Mars Transit in Sagittarius 28th December 2023




Ganesha says that the people of Aries will be benefited from the entry of Mars in Sagittarius. Work would be appreciated. Income will increase, and there will be success in work. Married life will be good. The people of Aries can be seen performing their responsibilities more efficiently during this period and this is the reason that there is a strong possibility of their promotion or any kind of progress in their career during this transit period. During this, they can easily be able to pursue their business.




Ganesha says that health can be bad, take care. Control your speech and behavior. Money is the sum of profit. If you get annoyed or angry with your love partner or life partner during the transit of Mars, then it is better to adopt a positive attitude and talk to them lovingly about their mistakes or problems rather than angrily explaining something to them. Try to explain.




Ganesha says that due to the change in the zodiac sign of Mars, the economic side will prevail. Will get profit from the investment. There is a sum of progress in business and jobs. Position and fame can increase. Court- Court foreign travel is seen in this sense, in this transit of Mars, there will be full cooperation of brothers and sisters. Full attention will be paid to your hobby. Money will be spent more. Health will be fine. Chronic disease will cause trouble. There will be ups and downs with the wife. Keep it together with the family. The love of the elders of the house will remain. There will be a problem related to blood. It will be better to take a decision after thinking carefully.




Ganesha says that the transit of Mars in this zodiac will give benefits to the land building. Will save in income tax. Will cause family disputes. Will hurt the child. Will destroy the enemy. The planned work will be completed. And it will be beneficial. There will be profit in the job, as well as there is a possibility of a change of place. Your work will be appreciated. Army, working in the field of engineering groundwork. You will get a lot of benefits, this time is right. Take great advantage It will be the best time for the students. Will get rid of chronic disease.




Ganesha says that this time will be auspicious for those doing jobs and business. Material comforts will be in abundance. This time will be best for engineering and those who buy and sell land, buildings, and doctors. From here, the fourth vision will fall on passion. But control your anger. Health will be fine. Mother's health will be a bit disturbed. Can buy new vehicle and house. Students will have a difficult time. Will have to work hard. Pregnant women should be a little cautious.




Ganesha says that there will be a religious journey. Sudden fortune will arise. From here the fourth sight is on the twelfth house. Which is the cost price. Suddenly the expenses will increase. There will be unnecessary expenses. The relationship with Mangal's brother and sister will be happy from the seventh point of view. There will be many ups and downs in the health of the mother. There will be profit in land-related work. 




Ganesha says that this time for Libra will remain a challenge regarding health. Mental tension will remain. If a sudden accident will happen, drive the vehicle carefully. Your decision-making ability will be weak. Health will not be perfect. There will be a rift with the in-law's side. Fourth. The vision is on the eleventh house, which will remain in economic ups and downs many times. Keeping control over the speech, there will be differences between the brothers and sisters. Talk less while talking to your officer. Talk thoughtfully.




Ganesha says that there will be differences between the wife. Those people have become more discorded in their married life. Control yourself. Or the matter can go to court. Working in partnership will be beneficial. There will be profit in land-related work and special benefits in contracting. Pay attention to your health. Avoid eating and drinking outside. This transit time should be careful.




Ganesha says that health will be fine with the transit to Mars. Old diseases will go away. Those who have sugar piles blood pressure. Pay attention to your health. From here the fourth sight will be on the ninth house. A religious journey will be made. Expenses will increase. Disputes about foreign travel and money will increase.




Ganesha says that the transit of Mars in this zodiac will be fine in education. Progeny will become an obstacle to happiness. Family discord will remain. People who are on the ground and in the work of doctors and researchers. It's the best time for them. Will achieve his goal. Will give benefits in many ways. Due to the eighth aspect of Mars on the twelfth house, he will get wasted. Travel expenses will be incurred. The responsibility will remain full.




Ganesha says that with the transit of Mars, the relationship between brother and sister will be sweet. There will be ups and downs in the health of the mother. Along with this, she will be of a very fierce nature. Will weaken your decision-making ability. Who will be hurt? From here the relationship with the wife will be fine from the point of view of the seventh and eighth house. Income will be fine. But the expenditure will remain. 




Ganesha says that the transit to Mars will increase interest in your hobby. Your relationship with your brother will be fine. And with their cooperation, there will be benefits in property work. The enemy will be destroyed. Chronic disease will go away. Luck will rise. People who are searching for jobs. They will get successful. Will be engaged in religious work. People who are doing the work of doctors, and engineering contractors. They will get special benefits.

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