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Mars Transit in Cancer

Mars Transit in Cancer


Mars (Mangal), which is considered to be a fierce planet by nature and the son of Earth, is going to enter Cancer after ending the journey of Gemini on 20th October. Cancer sign is considered to be the debilitated sign of Mars. Mangaldev will transit in Cancer, then after that, it will enter Leo. Among all the planets, Mars is the only planet that gets the benefit of Neech Bhang Yog several times while transiting in a debilitated sign because, as the Moon, the lord of this zodiac, transits in the center and triangle, its debilitated yoga gets dissolved. Therefore, the person gets both good and bad results related to them. According to astrological predictions, Let us know how this transit of Mars will affect all zodiac signs.


Mars Transit in Cancer 2024


Mars Transit in Cancer 20th October 2024



Ganesha says that due to the transit of Mars in Cancer, the people of Aries, there are chances of an increase in income for you, but there are signs of big financial loss for your partner. Matters related to land property can be settled. Some unpleasant news can be received from friends and relatives, due to which your mind can remain disturbed. Apart from this, will be reflective of the health of the parents. Travel carefully.


Ganesha says that this transit of Mars on October 20 will be more fruitful when the Moon transits in the center and triangle of your zodiac sign while transiting in the mighty house. Do not allow differences between senior family members and younger brothers. The health of the younger brother can also be adversely affected. Do not lend more money to anyone in the middle of this period, otherwise, there will be a possibility of financial loss and that money will not be received on time.


Ganesha says that the transit of Mars in Cancer on October 20, the effect of Mars cannot be said to be very good for your zodiac sign. Stay away from quarrels and disputes, it would be wise to settle court cases outside. Matters related to real estate can get complicated. If you work by controlling your stubbornness and enthusiasm, you will be more successful. There is also a possibility of mental disturbance due to family discord.


Ganesha says that Mars is going to transit in your zodiac on October 20. Cancer sign is considered as the low sign of Mars. For this reason, the mixed effect of the people of this zodiac will be seen. Ego and anger can increase in nature, due to which you may have to face problems. There may be some hurdles in marriage-related talks. One has to always be mindful of health. Don't let fierceness come into your nature.


Ganesha says that for those of your zodiac sign, you may have to face some uncertainties regarding work during this period. You are advised not to invest in anything at this time. Avoid starting any new project during this time. You may get a chance to go on a foreign trip at this time for higher education or studies. At this time you may also have to face adverse situations in terms of health and your expenses may increase because of this. At this time, you should also think about your partner's health as well.


Ganesha says that this time is not favorable for the people of your zodiac and due to this, you may have to face negative effects. Financially, you will see an increase in your expenses and financial matters. Which can become a problem for you. Employed people of this zodiac are advised to maintain balance in their work. This time will be favorable for the businessmen of this amount. You also need to avoid making any kind of investment at this time.


Ganesha says that you will benefit from this transit and that you will remain focused on work. Be it a job or business, you will try to give your best in every field. Because of this, you may have to face pressure in the workplace. At the same time, some such decisions can be taken at this time, which can put you in trouble in terms of your job and business. In the matter of love, you may have to face some bad times. Married people are advised not to speak ill of their partner for any reason.


Ganesha says that with this transit you may experience physical and mental stress. Because of this, you will not get the full support of luck. At this time your financial problems will be solved, but you may have to work hard to meet your expenses. At this time your mind can wander and you can pay attention to useless things. Your relationship with your father may get affected. You will be benefited from doing meditation and yoga.


Ganesha says that due to this transit, you may face problems in all these matters. You have to walk with a lot of breath at every step. You may have to face a lot of effort to get the result. You may also have to face difficulty in financial matters. You will have the desire to spend money on some item, but you will not be able to do so.


Ganesha says that due to the effect of this transit, you may have to face discord and conflict in your married life. At the same time, there can be some kind of argument with the partner in the business as well. Those people who are thinking of getting married may get delayed in their work. Financially, this time will be quite average. Even in the matter of health, you are advised to take special care of your and your partner's health at this time.


Ganesha says that due to the influence of this transit, you may have disputes with your colleagues and may have to face the anger of your seniors. At the same time, you may also have to face unnecessary expenses. Along with this, there can be problems in matrimonial matters as well. Health problems may have to be faced.


Ganesha says that at this time you need to take special care of your children's health. Also help them in their studies and prevent them from getting into bad company. Professionally, this transit can bring obstacles in your life. At the same time, there can be a clash of egos with colleagues. You should also think about your expenses at this time.

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