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Mars Retrograde - Planet Mars In Retrograde

Mars Retrograde - Planet Mars In Retrograde

The retrograde motion of Mars has great importance in Vedic astrology. In Vedic astrology, Mars is considered the cause of enthusiasm and energy. In such a situation, Mars sitting in a retrograde position in a person's horoscope has a serious impact on the person. The presence of Mars in retrograde position in the horoscope makes the person cruel. According to Vedic astrology, Mars is a cruel planet. Mars retrograde in your horoscope will affect you. 

What is Mars Retrograde?

During Mars retrograde, the planet appears to move backward in the sky due to the relative position and motion of Earth and Mars around the Sun. Mars completes its orbit around the Sun through the zodiac in about 687 Earth days, which is approximately two Earth years. It lasts about 57.25 days in each zodiac sign and goes retrograde every two years, with the retrograde phase lasting about two months.

Mars Retrograde Date

Mars Retrograde: 07 December 2024, Saturday at 05:01 am
Mars Direct: 24 February 2025, Monday at 07:27 am

Mars In Retrograde What Does It Mean

The retrograde movement of Mars has a rapid impact on a person. The result becomes clear very quickly and retrograde Mars embroils the person in unnecessary disputes. In the position of Mars, a person may have to face serious injury or accident, apart from this, in any adverse situation, he may also have to face the court and police. If retrograde Mars is in an auspicious position in the horoscope, then in the dasha of Mars the person gets extremely fortunate results.

Mars Retrograde Signs Affected

Due to Mars' retrograde, irritability, anger, and aggression increase in people's nature. Due to all these reasons, people may have to face many problems in careers and personal life. Let us know which are those zodiac signs that may have to face problems due to the influence of Mars.


Mars retrograde can have a very inauspicious effect on Aries people. During this time, your temper may increase a lot and due to this you may fight with someone. At this time you may have to face many challenges in business. 


Due to the inauspicious influence of Mars, aggression may increase like people of the Taurus zodiac. Because of your outspoken nature, people will consider you rude. Meanwhile, your disputes with family members may increase further. There may be an argument with brothers regarding ancestral property. 


The inauspicious effects of Mars retrograde can also hurt your health. At this time you need to drive very carefully. Take full care of your health. At this time, any small mistake of yours can land you in trouble.


Mars is the ultimate Rajyoga factor for the people of this zodiac sign. Mars is the lord of the fifth and tenth house and in its retrograde state, its transit will be in the profit place. His full attention is falling on your house of wealth, house of children, and house of disease.


During this transit period, you will be successful in achieving your goals at your workplace. At this time you will spend money on the comforts of your home. During this period, your respect and honor in the society is going to increase. 


Due to Mars being retrograde for Virgo, you may feel some lack of support from your brothers at this time. This transit can also cause some mental stress for the people of the Virgo zodiac. During this period you will also have to take care of your health. 


Your relationship with your father may be affected due to the inauspicious effects of Mars retrograde. Think carefully before reacting to anything. In terms of career also, you may have to face the anger of your boss at this time.


During this period, you will achieve some big goals with the support of your wife, however, you are advised to avoid any kind of ego at this time. There will be an increase in courage and bravery at this time. During this transit of retrograde Mars, stay away from court disputes.


Now, people of this zodiac sign will benefit from abroad. Now is the right time to apply for a visa. Enemies will be defeated at the workplace. With the help of a female friend, you may get a big offer from abroad. If you have any disease related to blood disorder then you have to take care of yourself.


You may remain worried about your child's health. At this time you should go on a picnic with your family. Loving couples can become victims of discord, so you have to understand your lover's feelings and show affection towards him. Unmarried people may be attracted to someone of the opposite sex.


During this period, you may develop a good relationship with a female colleague at the workplace. With the help of a woman, you can get a big offer. Mars situated in the fourth house can also give you some mental disturbance. During this period you will have to understand the feelings of your spouse.


For Pisces people, retrograde Mars is considered to have an inauspicious effect on health. At this time you may become a victim of an accident. Drive your two-wheeler slowly. Due to the inauspicious effects of Mars, differences of opinion seem to be arising in your family.


The retrograde movement of Mars will affect people's lives. People whose horoscope Mars is the lord of the auspicious houses and where it is situated among the auspicious planets, will not experience troubles as a result of the retrograde motion of Mars; Rather, this will pave the way for progress in their life. Even if the person is in an inauspicious house and is associated with inauspicious planets, the person will be able to express his views in front of the crowd and can also be known as an efficient leader. Mars will turn retrograde in 2024, resulting in both physical and mental problems. Can cause impatience and hostility. If you want to know more about Mars retrograde then you can get information by talk to astrologer.

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