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Jupiter Retrograde - Planet Jupiter In Retrograde

Jupiter Retrograde - Planet Jupiter In Retrograde

In Vedic astrology, Jupiter's entry into the retrograde state (Jupiter Retrograde 2024) has great significance. According to astrology, if the planet is in the right position and right direction then the person gets more benefits from it. But if the planet starts moving in the opposite direction and comes into a retrograde state, then its results can also be opposite. In Vedic astrology, Jupiter has the status of guru, hence its retrograde movement has a deep impact on a person's life.

What is Jupiter Retrograde?

In astrology, the planet Jupiter is considered the advisor of all the elements. Jupiter is also one of the few planets that move in retrograde motion. When a planet decides to move backward while moving forward in its regular sequence, then this situation is called a retrograde state. Such behavior of the planet can sometimes give good and sometimes bad results for some people. When the planet Jupiter moves retrograde then it is a situation when one needs to keep an eye on its activities.

Jupiter Retrograde 2024 Date

Jupiter Retrograde Taurus: 09 October 2024, Wednesday 12:33 pm

Jupiter In Retrograde What Does It Mean

Jupiter is considered the largest and most influential planet among the nine planets. Jupiter is recognized as an auspicious planet. Guru is considered the place of auspiciousness, truth, justice, morality, and happiness. This planet is considered to be the factor of the second, fifth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh house in the horoscope. 

According to astrology, it is owned by Punarvasu, Vishakha, and Purvabhadrapada constellations. It remains retrograde for four months out of twelve months. It rises one month after setting, becomes retrograde after four months then turns direct after four months, and then sets after four and a quarter months. The planet Jupiter stays in one zodiac sign for about a year and takes about thirteen years to complete the cycle of 12 zodiac signs.

Jupiter Retrograde 2024 Signs Affected


Jupiter retrograde will be good for Aries people. There are chances of an increase in position or prestige in the job. You can buy a new building. There will be progress in business. Comforts and amenities will also increase. Efforts made for foreign travel or foreign citizenship will also be successful.


The retrograde movement of Jupiter is bringing financial benefits for Taurus. It means your source of income will increase. Changes in the movement of Jupiter may increase your earnings. Traders will earn money. Employed people will get opportunities for promotion at work. The working style will also improve.


For Gemini people, the reverse movement of Jupiter will bring happiness to your life. Change in your job is possible during this period. There are chances of promotion in job. There are chances of traveling to some foreign place.


For the people of the Cancer zodiac sign, the retrograde movement of Jupiter will bring an increase in prestige. At this time you will get the full support of luck. Happiness and prosperity may also increase. You may get a new job offer. Businessmen can get benefits from investment. Will get support from family.


This time is favorable for people of the Leo zodiac sign. The economic situation may improve. Many new paths of progress will be found. Know that interference from a third person in marital life at this time can create a rift in the relationship.


The reverse movement of Jupiter will be beneficial for Virgo Zodiac people. This is a good time to spend happy moments with the family. In married life, relationships with your spouse will become stronger. There can be financial benefits in partnership-related business.


Due to the movement of Jupiter, the people of the Libra zodiac may have to face many ups and downs. From a business point of view, work will be good but there will be more secret enemies. be careful about your health. Efforts made for service in foreign companies or for citizenship will also be successful.


Newly married people can plan their future. Your relationships with children will improve and this will make you feel proud. This is a great time for students as they are focusing on their studies. You will experience financial abundance and your firm will generate income from multiple sources or sectors.


Jupiter retrograde is motivating Sagittarius people to buy new property. You may buy a new building or vehicle. There are chances of marriage. It is time for growth in job and business. Life will be happy.


Change will begin in the lives of Capricorn people. There may be a change of place for job, business, and studies. You may have to face financial problems. If you want to take any competitive exam then you will get success. There will be support from family.


People of the Aquarius zodiac will get financial benefits during this period. Married life will be happy. You will get support from your spouse and family. There are chances for unmarried people to get married.


People of Pisces are going to benefit due to Jupiter's retrograde in Pisces. First of all, you can increase your income, which will strengthen your financial position. Challenges will come in business but they will also pave the way for progress. Expenses may increase in religious activities. Have to take care of health. You can get relief from debt etc.


If the planet Jupiter is in an auspicious position in your birth chart, you are likely to enjoy all the pleasures of life. It makes a person intellectual, provides excellent communication skills, and also develops patience. The person is inclined towards spirituality and explores the untouched aspects of his personality. It provides excellent career prospects and recognition to the individual. In this cloud of all wonderful things, there is a high possibility that a person may become egoistic and often boast unnecessarily about his achievements and success. This may hurt his image. When it comes to food, such people are often possessive and weak-hearted. If you want to know more about Jupiter retrograde then you can get information by talk to astrologer.

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