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Sun, Saturn and Rahu Conjunction in Capricorn on Makar Sankranti

Sun, Saturn and Rahu Conjunction in Capricorn on Makar Sankranti

On January 14, Makar Sankranti, Sun God will enter the tenth zodiac sign Capricorn. Saturn is the lord of Capricorn, and it is currently transiting in its own sign Capricorn. In the year 2023, a special coincidence is being made on the day of Makar Sankranti. When the Sun will enter Capricorn in the afternoon on January 14, 2023, then Shani Dev and Mercury will also welcome the Sun in Capricorn, and the Trigrahi Yoga of Sun, Saturn, and Mercury will be formed in Capricorn. This yoga is good for many zodiac signs, so it can create critical situations for many zodiac signs. According to astrological predictions knows what the effect of the Sun's arrival will be here and the conjunction of planets on all zodiac signs.




Ganesha says that this transit of the Sun will be good for the people of Aries. The transit of Suryadev will take place in the tenth house of Aries. The placement in the horoscope is related to career and progress. The native will get successful in the workplace. At this time the Sun will have a conjunction with the other three planets, due to which you will be able to complete every work or task. Students who are studying political science, law, and mechanical engineering will get favorable results from this transit of the Sun God.




Ganesha says that this transit can influence you for higher studies and international travel. There may be an increase in your day-to-day expenses. This transit can create some trouble for you. From a professional point of view, businessmen can get good results during this period. The lord of Taurus is Venus and the year 2022 is the year of Venus. According to astrology, there is a sense of enmity between Venus and the Sun. Therefore, do not take up any new work during this period. You will not get that much luck during this period. During this time you will be inclined towards spirituality which will be beneficial for you.




Ganesha says that the transit of the Sun will increase life and health will also be good. During this time you may have to face problems during travel. So be careful. You may experience discontentment in your emotional life. During this time you are advised to be careful with your enemies. On the career front, you may face some challenges, and you may have to struggle a bit at the workplace.




Ganesha says that during the transit of the Sun, you will not get any special benefits in your career. Your rivals are likely to become active by giving you tough competition at the workplace. You may also face some problems from your seniors and colleagues. During this period, some problems may also arise in your married life. Take care of your spouse's health.




Ganesha says that this transit will be favorable for Leo people as it will destroy the enemies and you will be free from all your debts. Natives associated with government jobs or services will gain high self-esteem and recognition, and those who are appearing for competitive examinations like civil services will get success during this period. You can also get sudden money.




Ganesha says that the transit of the Sun is good for the students. During this time, children may get an opportunity to study abroad. A career may require more attention as you may face some hindrances in presenting your ideas, and this may lead to misunderstandings in the workplace. This transit is also not that good for businessmen.




Ganesha says that during this transit, you will get favorable results. You can also buy a property with the help of your seniors. Take care of your mother's and your own health. Time will be beneficial for businessmen.




Ganesha says that this time will be favorable for the natives. There is a sense of friendship between the Sun and Mars. Therefore, this transit will give desired results for the natives of the Scorpio zodiac. You will achieve excellence in the work field. You will get the benefits of your hard work. Family life will remain blissful.




Ganesha says that you will see favorable effects. Money will keep coming. Financially, it is very wise to save now so that you can reap the benefits in the future. There will be many opportunities for profit and your income will increase significantly. There can be some sourness in married life.




Ganesha says that the transit of the Sun in your zodiac can bring changes in personality. During this phase, you may have some differences of opinion with your father. You may see improvement in your career. In your personal life, there may be some problems with your spouse, and your relationship is likely to turn sour. Health-related problems may arise.




Ganesha says that during the transit of the Sun, you will be successful in activities related to foreign lands. You may face difficulties and challenges at the workplace. Your expenses may increase suddenly. Health can deteriorate, so be cautious in eating and drinking.




Ganesha says that this transit will be favorable for the native as senior officials will all be in your favor and will give you special economic and social benefits. There are chances of sudden monetary gains. If you are in an official position, you may face opposition from enemies, but this is the time when you will move ahead in your career. People, especially your seniors will appreciate you.

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