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Shradh 2024 Significance, Worship and Rituals

Shradh 2024 Significance, Worship and Rituals

According to the Hindu calendar, Shradh Paksha lasts for a total of 16 days from Shukla Purnima to Krishna Amavasya. Pitru Paksha or Shradh is a special time when Hindus please their deceased ancestors and seek their blessings. On this day, people worship and perform rituals of Pitru and offer food for the peace of family members who have passed away. From the full moon of Bhadrapada to the new moon of the month of Ashwin, this period is considered Pitru Paksha.


Pitru Paksha 2024 Dates


In the year 2024, Pitru Paksha will start from 17 September 2024 till 2 October 2024.


Importance of Shradh


Shradh is performed for those persons who died on the day of Trayodashi of either of the two parties. Pitru Paksha is Shradh Karma. Rohini Muhurat is considered good for performing Shradh.


However, the Muhurta after that still lasts till the end of Aparna Kala. In the end, Shradh Tarpan is performed. Pitru Paksha is considered inauspicious and no auspicious work like marriage or anything is performed during this period.


Shraddha Puja during Pitru Paksha is considered important in Hinduism. The Purana scriptures say that the ancestors are satisfied by Shradh and bestow health, wealth, and happiness. It is said that a person who performs the rituals of Shradh attains salvation. The present generation has to pay its debts by performing the Shradh of ancestors in Pitru Paksha.


What is done in Pitru Shradh?


According to the scriptures, Shradh, Tarpan, and Pind Daan are performed for the peace of the souls of the ancestors during the Pitru Paksha which lasts for 16 days. In Pitru Paksha, there is a tradition of feeding crows on the day of the Shradh of ancestors. It is believed that food reaches the ancestors through crows. It is believed that during Pitru Paksha, ancestors come to earth in the form of crows.


Tarpan Pitru Paksha

  • Shradh rituals are performed to remember and pay homage to the ancestors.

  • The last generations of the family are remembered and worshiped and Shradh is performed.

  • Tarpan and Pind Daan are performed only by one member of the family, mostly by the eldest male of the family.

  • Shradh karma should be done only at the right time.

  • The first feed is given to the cows, then to the crows, bread to the dogs, and food to the ants. Then the Brahmins are fed food.

  • The Brahmins are given clothes and Dakshina. Some people keep fast.

  • Prasad should be distributed after performing the rituals in the afternoon.

  • If donated on this day, desired results are obtained.


What to Donate in Pitru Paksha


Shoes-slippers, clothes, umbrella, black sesame, ghee, jaggery, grain, salt, silver-gold, and cow-land. During this, charity and charity work should be done. One should donate food items, clothes, etc. to the poor or needy. Those who are unable to provide food in Shradh, give wholesome donations. Daan i.e. food items like ghee, jaggery, salt, etc. are given in quantity as per wish.




If you also have Pitra Dosh in your horoscope, you can also do rituals to get rid of it. By analyzing your horoscope to astrology, you can know about Pitra Dosh and by talking to astrology, you can get rid of its worship and remedy.

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