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Satyanarayan Puja, Rituals, and Importance

Satyanarayan Puja, Rituals, and Importance

The story of Lord Satyanarayan can be done on any day with devotion, but the full moon date is considered to be the best for it. This story is recited for the couple who are bound in their first married life. Apart from this, the ritual of this fast is also done on the full moon date of every month to get rid of sorrows and increase happiness. If someone is not getting freedom from sorrows, then with the help of a learned and cultured pundit, while worshiping on every full moon day for a year or more, listen to the story of Lord Sri Satyanaran Vrat, then he will get miraculous results.


Importance of Satyanarayana Puja

Satyanarayana Puja is performed in reverence of the Narayan form of Lord Vishnu. In this form, God is believed to be the existence of truth. This puja is conducted to ensure abundance in the lives of the people. It is a ritual performed by the devotees on any important occasion like marriage, home entry ceremony, etc.


Rituals of Satyanarayan Puja


  • Purnima fast is considered the most auspicious. The devotees who keep the full moon fast, should wake up early and take a bath.

  • Install the idol of Satyanarayana, offer flowers, vermilion, and kumkum, keep an urn filled with water, and light a lamp.

  • Devotees should offer Panchamrit which is a mixture of five things (milk, curd, honey, sugar, and ghee), and offer it to Lord Vishnu by putting Tulsi leaves in Panchamrit.

  • Devotees who want to please Lord Vishnu must offer Tulsi leaves and it is believed that worship is incomplete without Tulsi leaves.

  • The prasad offered to Lord Vishnu is made from roasted wheat flour, sugar, bananas, and tulsi leaves are added to this mixture.

  • During Satyanarayan Puja, the Katha is narrated to all those present in the Puja.

  • Aarti is recited after completing the Satyanarayan Katha.

  • Devotees should offer water to the moon to pay respect to the deity.

  • Devotees can break their fast by eating sattvic food.

It is believed that the devotees who observe Shree Satyanarayan Vrat on every full moon, Shree Satyanarayana blesses them with happiness, and prosperity and fulfills all the wishes of the devotees. Devotees should chant or listen to Shri Hari Stotram to remove obstacles from their lives.


Puja of Satyanarayan 


Those who take a vow to worship Satyanarayan should observe a fast throughout the day. According to the method of worship, first, make a rangoli at the place of worship. After this, placing a puja post on top of it, plant a banana leave near its four feet. Install the idol of Shaligram or Thakurji or Shri Satyanarayana on this chowki. Now before starting the worship, first of all, worship Lord Ganesha. After this worship Indradi, lord Dashdikpal, Panch Lokpal, Rama along with Sita, Lakshmana, and then Radhakrishna. After worshiping them, one should worship Thakur Ji and Satyanarayana. Then worship Lakshmi Mata and finally Mahadev and Brahmaji. After worship, perform aarti of all the gods and distribute prasad by taking Charanamrit. Donate Dakshina and clothes to Pandit Ji as well as provide food. The person should take food only after taking blessings from the Pandit after the meal.




By worshiping Satyanarayana, a person attains virtue. To know about how to worship Satyanarayan, talk to the astrologer. Satyanarayan is worshiped before starting any auspicious work.

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