Know about Shardiya Navratri Ghatasthapana

Know about Shardiya Navratri Ghatasthapana

Ghatasthapana is performed on the first day of Shardiya Navratri. Devotees of Maa Durga worship the Maa for nine days. Ghatasthapana is done on the first day of Navratri in a special Muhurat. After this, the Maa is worshiped for nine days. And on the day of Visarjan, Goddess Visarjan is done.In the nine days of Navratri, the worship of the forms of Maa Durga is very important. Girls are worshipped. These days, by worshiping the Maa, worshiping her, and meditating on her, the person gets special results. Power, wealth, opulence, children, health, planetary compatibility, victory over enemies, etc. fulfillment of all desires are possible with the blessings of Maa Durga. Maa fulfills all the wishes of their devotees.


Muhurat of Sharadiya Navratri Ghatasthapana


This year Ghatasthapana will be done on 26th September 2022 (Monday).


Auspicious Time of Ghatasthapana: Ghatasthapana Muhurat is from 6:21 am to 7:55 am and Abhijit Muhurat is from 11:54 am to 12:42 am. Ghatasthapana is considered the best in this Muhurat.


What Materials are Needed for Ghatasthapana?


Barley, An earthen pot (earthen pot which is wide at the top.), clean soil, Kalash, Betel nut, Coconut, Akshat, Red cloth, Garland, Sweets, Whole betel leaf, Roli, Moli, and Turmeric.


Ghatasthapana Method


  • One day before Ghatasthapana, clean the place where Ghatasthapana is to be performed and paint it a white color.

  • Wear clean clothes in the morning after bathing and daily routine.

  • Make a swastika, chakra, and trident on the wall of your Ghatasthapana place in an auspicious time by grinding rice and mixing turmeric in it. Make nine taps with your right hand. Then apply nine dots with turmeric and rice paste.

  • Keeping an earthen litter at the place of worship, but nine dots on it with turmeric and rice paste, after that put clean soil in it and put barley in it.

  • Keep a Kalash filled with pure water.

  • Tie Moli on the Kalash and the earthen pot. Tie a Moli on the coconut and keep it on the Kalash.

  • Place a picture of Maa Durga.

  • Light a large clay lamp filled with ghee.

  • Then take pure water in another Kalash and sprinkle water on it.

  • Pour water into the earthen pot.

  • Worship Maa Durga and Kunda with Roli-rice. Offer Moli.

  • Offer garlands of flowers. Offer fruits.

  • Offer betel nut and betel nut. Also, keep Bhog (sweets) and Dakshina.

  • Recite Durga Saptashati. If due to lack of time, you cannot recite Durga Saptashati, then recite Saptashloki Durga and read Durga Chalisa.

  • Perform aarti of Maa Durga with camphor and lamp.

  • After that, after washing the feet of the girl, tying a Moli and applying tilak, give her prasad and Dakshina and touch her feet.

Light a lamp in front of the Maa every morning and evening. Offer water in an earthen pot in the morning. On Maha Ashtami or Mahanavami, feed nine girls and one boy. 


Importance of Ghatasthapana/Kalash Sthapana


Ghatasthapana is very important in Navratri. Navratri begins with Ghatasthapana. The Kalash is installed at an auspicious time. Ghatasthapana should be done in the first one-third part of the Pratipada date. It is also called 'Kalash Sthapana'. Kalash is considered to give happiness, prosperity, opulence, and auspiciousness. Lord Vishnu is believed to reside in the mouth of the Kalash, Shiva in the neck, Brahma in the root, and Goddess Shakti in the middle, hence the importance of Ghatasthapana. At the time of Navratri, the powers present in the universe are invoked in the Ghat and activated. Due to this, all the harmful waves of the house are destroyed and happiness, peace, and prosperity remain in the house.




Ghatasthapana is performed on the first day of Navratri. If you want to perform Ghatasthapana on the first day of Navratri, then talk to astrologers to know about its correct Muhurat and method.

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