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Devshayani Ekadashi Significance, Rituals, and Fasting

Devshayani Ekadashi Significance, Rituals, and Fasting

From Ashadh Shukla Ekadashi, the sleeping time of Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the universe, begins and on Kartik Shukla Ekadashi, Lord Janardan wakes up from Yognidra when the Sun enters Libra. This interval of about four months has been called Chartumas. In the scriptures, this Ekadashi is also known as Padmanabha, Ashadhi, Harishayani, and Devshayani Ekadashi. From this day Lord Vishnu, the bestower of all auspicious works, is believed to have disappeared from the earth, therefore all auspicious works such as marriage, Yagyopaveet Sanskar, Diksha Grahan, Yagya, Godan, Griha Pravesh, etc. are discarded in Chartumas when Garudhwaj Jagannath sleeps.

Devshayani Ekadashi Muhurat

Devshayani Ekadashi 2024 - Sunday, 17 July 2024

Start Time - 16 July 2024, at 08:33 pm

End Time - 17 July 2024, at 09:02 pm

Devshayani Ekadashi Story

This fast story must be read after Devshayani Ekadashi Puja. According to the story, once Yudhishthira asked Shri Krishna what is the importance of Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Ashadh month, then Shri Krishna told that this Ekadashi is called Devshayani Ekadashi. Once Narad Muni asked Brahma ji about its importance and method, then he told the story of fasting related to it. Brahma ji said that this Ekadashi fast is also called Padma Ekadashi, whoever reads the story of this fast, then Lord Vishnu is Very happy.

According to the story, once a great majestic king Mandhata ruled in Suryavansh. He used to take full care of his subjects. There was never a famine in his kingdom full of wealth and grains. But once there was no rain for 3 consecutive years and there was a severe famine. Due to the famine, the people had to face a lot of problems. Due to a lack of money and grains, all religious works were stopped. When this news reached the king, Angira reached Rishi's hermitage in the forest. When he was asked the reason for coming, he told the whole thing. Then he told about Devshayani Ekadashi. He said that you should fast on Devshayani Ekadashi Ekadashi with the whole people. By doing this the people will get freedom from famine. Then the king observed this fast with his subjects. By doing this, the people of the state got relief from famine and became prosperous again.

Significance of Devshayani Ekadashi

According to Padampuraan, Shri Krishna tells Yudhishthira O King! On the day of Hari Shayani Ekadashi, one form of mine stays with King Bali, and the other stays in Kshirsagar on the bed of Sheshnag till the upcoming Kartik Ekadashi, so from this day till Kartik Ekadashi, the person who remembers me and does righteous deeds does he gets my company. Even Chaturmukh Brahmaji is unable to calculate the merit of one who worships Lord Vishnu devotionally, who wakes up on the night of Devshayani Ekadashi and wears a conch, chakra, and mace. Those people who observe the rituals of this fast attain the supreme state. By donating lamps on this day, the grace of Shri Hari remains.

Devshayani Ekadashi Rituals

Ekadashi Tithi is very dear to Vishnuji, therefore by chanting, worshiping, and fasting on this day, man gets the blessings of Shri Hari, the controller of the world. On this day Lord Vamana should be worshiped with Tulsi Manjari and yellow sandalwood, kumkum, Akshat, yellow flowers, seasonal fruits and incense sticks, sugar candy, etc. According to the Padma Purana, Kamallochan Lord Vishnu worships the deities of the three worlds with lotus flowers by worshiping on the day of Devshayani Ekadashi. The fruit that one who awakens gets, is not achieved even by doing penance for thousands of years. By observing the fast of Devshayani Ekadashi, the sins of many births are destroyed and one gets freedom from the cycle of birth and death.

Devshayani Ekadashi Fasting

    • On the day of Devshayani Ekadashi, retire from daily activities and take a bath.

    • Take a bath in the morning on this day and take water in your hand and take a vow of fasting.

    • After this, make Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi sit on the seat in the temple.

    • Keep in mind that yellow cloth should be spread on the Aasan.

    • Apply sandalwood tilak to Vishnuji.

    • Offer garlands of flowers and light a ghee lamp.

    • Establish the idol of Lord Shri Vishnu at the place of worship. And bathe the idol of God with Panchamrit.

    • After this, meditate on Lord Vishnu with full devotion and worship God with fruits, flowers, incense, and lamps.

    • After that Ekadashi's fast story should be heard and at the end, Prasad should be distributed by performing the Aarti of Lord Vishnu.

    • Salt is not consumed on the day of the Devshayani Ekadashi fast.


Devshayani Ekadashi falls on the eleventh day of the Shukla Paksha of the lunar month of Ashadha. It falls between June and July. It is known by many other names such as Maha Ekadashi, Padma Ekadashi, etc. According to the scriptures, Chatur month starts with Devshayani Ekadashi. This Ekadashi has great religious significance. For those devotees who worship God with a true heart, all their wishes are fulfilled. On the day of Devshayani Ekadashi, seven works have been told in the scriptures, which if done by the devotees, become very successful. On the day of Devshayani Ekadashi, God should be dressed in new clothes because from this day God sleeps for four months and remains in a state of tolerance. If you also want to fast on Devshayani Ekadashi, then through Online Astrology Consultation, you will be told about the importance, of rituals, and fasting according to astrology.

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